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Optimize your investment with IoT Device Management

Activate, manage and update your devices flexibly and securely.

“We chose Pelion to lead our smart utilities efforts as they provide a comprehensive IoT solution for securely developing, managing, provisioning and connecting IoT devices from the chip to the cloud.”


Powerful device management at your fingertips

For IoT applications to deliver transformative business value, you need a reliable IoT device management solution that ensures devices are up to date, secure, and always accessible. Pelion provides lifecycle management for any device, managed from the cloud, on-site, or through gateways.

Get to market quickly with a turnkey solution

Enjoy the freedom to focus on your value-add by using a proven infrastructure with a pre-integrated offering across any OS/client/server. Leverage device hardware and software expertise of the Pelion team.

Future-proof your IoT deployment

Manage any device connected on any network remotely with delta updates, component updates and scale your IoT footprint seamlessly from pilots to production.

Comprehensive chip-to-cloud security

Ensure complete trust in your deployed devices by combining factory-built security with secure onboarding, over-the-air firmware updates and security fixes throughout their operational life.

Pelion simplifies and secures the IoT device lifecycle

When deployed in the field, devices are onboarded seamlessly, activated for the right services, managed with the proper credentials, and updated remotely as needed.
Pelion Device Lifecycle Infographic

Manage your IoT from anywhere

Device Management Cloud

Deployable on any public cloud platform such as AWS, Azure and Google. Benefits include zero hardware costs and easy scalability.

Device Management On-Premises

Dedicated implementation on your bare metal or datacenter infrastructure. Supports any level of regulatory compliance, privacy and technical oversight.

Device Management Edge

Application, system, and endpoint management at the edge comprising intelligent applications running locally on legacy and non-IP devices and gateways.
Read the IoT project handbook

Read the IoT project handbook

The team at Pelion has put together this free guide to help you plan your next IoT project.

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