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A unique combination of IoT connectivity and device management

Pelion provides everything you need to securely connect and manage your IoT.

Spark your IoT ambition with connectivity and management for any device

Pelion provides secure global cellular connectivity and feature rich management for any IoT device or edge application. Get everything you need to make connecting, deploying and managing your IoT easy so you can focus on what matters to you.

Secure your IoT and keep your data safe

Adding thousands of IoT devices to your existing infrastructure can be daunting. Regulations are changing, new threats are immerging and your organization needs to protect it’s critical data and systems. Pelion brings deep device level expertise and a host of security focused functionality across our ISO27001 and SOC2 accredited solutions which help you secure any IoT device and the data it transmits.

Together we can do more

Lothian improve customer experience and safety with Pelion

Working with Pelion, Lothian acquired fast 4G backhaul to the internet that would allow connectivity for CCTV streaming, CCTV health check, passenger information systems and destination screen updates to backend servers.

Tangerine transforms asset tracking with Pelion

Tangerine offers an AI-powered data analytics platform, which combines in-vehicle smart data collection devices with mobile and web-based services to provide actionable insights for fleet management, vehicle health, shared mobility and insurance telematics applications.

Pelion and SMS optimize smart meter data collection

SMS Plc. partnered with Pelion to facilitate the daily collection of meter readings. With Pelion’s SIM functionality, platform capabilities and VPN infrastructure with high levels of redundancy they got a resilient and cost effective solution which was easy to manage.

Accelerate time to value with a unified solution

Our connected device services give you the flexibility to connect and manage any source, using any chipset and any OS, via any network, delivering data into any cloud. With one unified solution you can simplify and secure your deployments.

Explore Pelion’s connected device services

IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity

Simple, cost effective cellular connectivity for any device, anywhere in the world. Global cellular and LPWAN connectivity available on a single Pelion IoT SIM

Connected Device Platform

Take total control of your cellularly connected devices with the Pelion platform. Manage your connectivity cost, monitor your network performance, provision and update devices securely over-the-air.

IoT Device Management

Lifecycle management for any IoT device, over any network available on the cloud or on-premise. Ensure your devices are always up-to-date, secure and delivering peak performance.

Edge Applications Management

Flexible and unified management for devices, gateway systems and applications at the edge. Keep your deployments secure, improve reliability and make sure you are collecting data you can trust.

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