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Cellular connectivity for any thing, anywhere. A simple, secure and super flexible way to get all your things connected. Any cellular standard, no network lock-in and no limitations.

The connectivity you need, wherever you need it

Pelion provides cellular connectivity for any device across any cellular standard, wherever you are in the world. We give you the best data rates, across the most reliable mobile networks, and put you in control of every single connection.

  • Flexible data plans for global cellular coverage across 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, CAT-M and NB-IoT

  • Choose from standard single profile SIMs and future-proofed profile swapping eSIMs

  • Access to our scalable management platform and 24/7 technical support

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Working together, we can do more

Lothian improves customer safety

Working with Pelion, Lothian acquired fast 4G backhaul to the internet that would allow connectivity for CCTV streaming, CCTV health check, passenger information systems and destination screen updates to backend servers.

Tangerine transforms asset tracking

Tangerine offers an AI-powered data analytics platform, which combines in-vehicle data collection devices with mobile and web-based services to provide insights for fleet management, vehicle health, and insurance telematics applications.

SMS optimizes smart meter data collection

SMS Plc. partnered with Pelion to facilitate the daily collection of meter readings. With our SIM functionality, platform capabilities and robust VPN infrastructure, SMS offers a resilient and cost effective solution which is easy to manage.

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Getting started doesn’t have to be complicated

Get your SIM

Pelion provides SIMs in any form factor as either a standard single profile SIM or a future-proofed profile swapping eSIM.

Pick a plan

Choose the right combination of networks, data plans and technologies and get them all on one contract with one bill.

Start managing

Activate your SIMs and get straight into managing all your connections. Insight into everything you care about, in one place.

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