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Accelerate business transformation with edge applications

Unify the management of edge applications, devices, and gateway systems.

Empower localized decision-making at the edge

Support your at-scale deployments with a cloud-based service that allows orchestration of legacy software and innovative cloud native applications on edge gateway systems. By extending decision making to the edge, you’ll see improved responsiveness and operational efficiency as well as increased security for your IoT deployment.

Edge deployments are strategic

Edge applications complement cloud-based analytics with real-world data acquisition and inferencing. Gateways consolidate a broad range of edge devices, translate various protocols, and deliver secure, scalable, and reliable operation.

The expected lifespan of devices, according to Arm Internal Research.

Devices currently deployed without direct cloud connectivity.

Data processed outside the cloud by 2025, as reported by Gartner.

Application-centric edge enables unparralleled benefits

The benefits delivered by Pelion Edge Applications Management center around enabling resilient management of edge applications, edge-to-cloud security, and a broad range of hardware options via the Pelion Ready program.

Application enablement

Port application intelligence to the edge, leveraging edge compute, machine learning, and 5G.

Security and reliability

Create edge-to-cloud security with hardware-based trust, secure device manufacturing, onboarding, assignment, authenticated cloud access and policy enforcement.

Any device, any protocol

Manage new and legacy edge devices from a range for vendors with seamless protocol translation supporting brownfield and greenfield deployments for decades.

Leverage comprehensive management of the IoT edge

Pelion Edge enables seamless management of applications and the local hardware and software systems that support them.

Edge Application Orchestration

Kubernetes-enabled Edge Application Orchestration empowers application portability, offline operation, and enables local inferencing with the ML-friendly Edge.

Gateway System Management

Gateway system diagnostics, stats logging, remote terminal, and secure updates offering one place for OS, network connectivity, system configuration, and easy onboarding overseen from a dashboard or a mobile app.

Endpoint Management

Firmware updates, resource management, and diagnostics of IP and non-IP devices connected to edge gateways, supporting robust protocol translation for BLE, Zigbee, Z-wave, Bacnet, Modbus protocols.
Get started with Pelion Edge Applications Management

Get started with Pelion Edge Applications Management

Use cases

Enterprise building management

A large US conglomerate is rolling out a centralized platform for smart building management by leveraging Pelion’s secure orchestration of applications on edge gateways

Industrial IoT

An industrial giant is deploying cloud-based management of electrical drive products based on Pelion’s rich application management and industrial grade edge security.

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