Connectivity Management Portal

Enjoy full control over every connection

Our connectivity management portal has been designed to put you in control. This is where you find the tools and services to empower your well-connected business. You can manage your SIMs, find and fix faults, monitor data usage and monitor your costs

Features Overview

Activate SIMs

Quickly activate thousands of SIMs. Add meaningful nicknames and tags, for easy reference.

SIM management

See, analyse and interpret what your SIMs are doing. Know when your SIMs are online, offline and sending/receiving data. 

Bulk Actions

Manage SIMs at scale with bulk provisioning and SIM management actions. Choose from SIM barring, SIM disconnect/reconnect, add nicknames, tags, and monitoring alerts.

Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

Ensure your devices are sending and receiving data. Set usage thresholds and alerts so you can stay ahead and take action.


Our detailed data usage statistics helps you monitor, identify usage trends and review anomalies.

Troubleshoot Connections

Use analysis tools to understand how your SIMs and devices are behaving. Review and analyse issues with detailed SIM records and activity logs. 


Select, view and export detailed SIM data for usage in your own systems and processes.


View, analyse, break down and download recent and historic invoices. Compare costs and keep track of your use and spending over time.

APIs to integrate with your own systems

Securely integrate your connectivity and telemetry data into your own systems with our full API suite

The power of Pelion

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