Manage your costs, connections and data

See everything you care about in one place, on the Pelion platform. Get full visibility into exactly what’s happening in your deployment and take complete control.

Get the best from your deployment

Get information on every connection in your deployment, including how much data each device is sending, when it’s being sent and where it’s going. In-platform reporting makes spotting issues simple and with the automated alerts you can put a stop to any surprises.​

Keep your costs under control​

Growing your business is hard enough without getting hit with unexpected expenses. Using the platform, you can monitor your costs and take action to avoid any surprises. You can also see your spend, across all your deployments, combined onto a single, simple bill.​

Make SIM management easy​

The Pelion platform provides lots of tools to help you stay on top of the day-to-day and keep your deployments organised. From tagging and nicknames for individual SIMs to custom grouping and bulk activations of thousands of SIMs at once. Keep things simple as you scale.​

Insights and analytics

The Pelion platform gives you a whole load of analytics designed to help you make the best decisions for your business. Accurately predict your usage, spot issues quickly, and make smarter decisions as you scale up.

  • See exactly where and when your devices are sending data

  • Drill into your usage by device, by protocol, or by IP

  • Easily spot suspicious behavior and keep your deployment safe

Alerts and automation

Managing thousands of connections can be hard work and take up a lot of your time. That’s why we have packed our platform full of tools designed to make management easy, no matter how many SIMs you have, so you can spend time making a difference to your business.

  • Automated alerts for data usage, failures to connect, and much more

  • Get alerts sent to your phone, email or pushed into an integrated system

  • Build your own custom rules and put the platform to work

Billing and plan management

The platform lets you see the detail behind your bill and manage your data usage so there are no surprises. You can see all your data plans across all operators and locations in one place. Your total spend is then combined into one simple monthly bill available on the platform.

  • Get the full picture of how your data is being used

  • Manage all your data plans in one place

  • Get all your costs combined into one simple bill

Integrate every feature via API

The Pelion platform is built to ensure that every single feature is available directly via our API’s. If you can do it in our platform, you can integrate it directly into your own system.

  • Take full control of your SIMs in any integrated platform so it fits in with your existing workflows

  • Extract the data and analytics so you get the insight on your deployments exactly where you need it

Take a tour of the platform

Want to take a look round our platform for yourself?

Our guided tour gives you insights into all the key features of the Pelion platform. You can take a look at your own pace, or if you are ready, just go straight to booking a demo with one of our team.