Journeo and First Group bring well-connected transport solutions to market.

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Journeo, in collaboration with Pelion, is transforming public transport through innovative connectivity solutions. 

Our latest case study explores how Pelion’s multi-network connectivity enables Journeo to provide fleet management, CCTV, and passenger information systems across a fleet of over 4,500 buses.

Paul Hopkinson, Group Development Manager at Journeo, shares his excitement:
“Leveraging Pelion’s connectivity solutions has allowed us to enhance operational efficiency and ensure constant communication across our fleet. This partnership is pivotal in supporting our mission to advance public transport systems.”
With Pelion’s technology, Journeo ensures an uninterrupted data flow for real-time fleet management and passenger information, all managed through a sophisticated integrated portal. This seamless connectivity enables critical updates and safety monitoring via connected CCTV systems.
Mike Sixsmith, Account Manager for the First Bus relationship, comments on the benefits: Pelion’s support has been essential in reducing operational costs and improving service efficiency by enabling dynamic updates and remote monitoring.”
The case study also highlights the advantages of Pelion’s flexible data tariffs, including an aggregated data pool that allows Journeo to efficiently manage variable data needs across different bus routes, enhancing customer service.
Journeo’s commitment to technology-driven public transport, supported by Pelion’s reliable connectivity solutions, is setting new industry standards – enhancing sustainability and passenger experiences.
I am thrilled to celebrate Journeo’s achievements throughout our longstanding partnership. As a leading transport infrastructure partner, I’m proud of our service and the dedication of our teams, who always go the extra mile for our customers. Supporting Journeo as they bring best-in-class transport solutions to market has been a pleasure. It’s truly inspiring to see how our connectivity solutions positively impact the transport ecosystem.” Dave Weidner, Pelion CEO.
Discover how this partnership is driving well-connected public transport innovation.
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Pelion helps leading businesses stay well-connected by design in the Transportation and Logistics markets, focusing on all aspects of carrying people and freight.
If you would like to learn more about getting your Transport business well-connected by design, please reach out. 

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