It all starts with the right SIM

Pelion can provide everything from a super simple standard IoT SIM to a fully future-proofed eSIM to make sure your deployment is set-up for success from the start.

Multiple IoT eSIMs

A SIM for any device and any deployment

Choose from our standard SIMs (UICC) for simple, straightforward single profile connectivity or upgrade to an eSIM (eUICC) for unbeatable future-proofing and flexibility with the power to remotely switch networks whenever you want.

The good thing is, there is no wrong answer. Pick the SIM that works for you and we’ll get it connected.

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Scale from 1 SIM to 100,000

Use our platform to manage your SIMs and data as you scale up. Whatever your starting point, you get complete, self-service control and the ability to order more stock when you need it.

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Coverage exactly where you need it

Equip your SIMs with a profile that suits perfectly. Choose from 600+ networks, with the best rates and access to any major cellular standard, from the fastest 4G to super efficient NB-IoT.

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Coverage exactly where you need it

Manage every single SIM, across regions, using multiple technologies, networks and data plans all on the Pelion platform. Stay on top of everything happening in your deployment without the hassle.

Standard IoT SIM

Looking to spend less and keep things simple? This is the SIM for you.

Super simple SIM technology for deployments where a single local or roaming profile is all you need.

  • Any formfactor available

  • Lowest cost SIM option

  • Equip with a local or global roaming coverage


Looking to spend less and keep things simple? This is the SIM for you.

Never get locked in to a bad deal and avoid costly manual SIM swaps with over-the-air provisioning of new profiles.

  • Any formfactor available

  • The ultimate future-proofing and flexibility

  • Swap network profiles remotely, whenever you want

Getting the right SIM is pretty simple

Whether you are looking for simplicity, future-proofing, or something else, the SIM is an important part of making this possible. Every Pelion SIM can get access to our global coverage and can be specified as an eSIM (eUICC) if future-proofing is what matters to you. Talk to us about your deployment and set yourself up for success.


Still need to decide on SIM formfactor?

If you already have your devices then you probably know what formfactor you need. But, if you are starting from scratch this might be a decision you still need to make. Pelion SIMs are available in any form-factor and can be equipped with global or local connectivity. Just match the requirements for your device with the right SIM.

Embedded SIM (MFF2)

Looking to embed connectivity in the manufacturing process? This is the SIM for you. Small, robust and super efficient. This formfactor gives your device the physical security of a soldered in SIM, helps you save space for smaller things and gives it that little bit of extra resilience.

Multi-size SIM card (2FF, 3FF, 4FF)

Got easy access to your devices once deployed and want convenience and lowest cost? This is the SIM for you. The classic multi-card SIM is perfect if you want to keep things super simple. Punch out the size you need, put it in and power on. Job done.

Still need to choose coverage?

If you have made your SIM decision but still need to get the right coverage take a look at what Pelion can provide.