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Flexible data plans


Great for high volume of data with variable usage per SIM. Your data acts as a central pool, supplying each SIM with the data they need, when they need it. Add as many SIMs to the pool as you want, without having to add more data allowance.


Best fit for relatively consistent data use per device. Each SIM has an allocated data allowance, and your total data volume increases as you add more SIMs. The great thing about this plan is that data overages on individual SIMs can be balanced out across the whole plan. So you avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Per device

This is the classic plan. It works well to keep things separate and really simple. Get a SIM, allocate a data package to that SIM and use it as you need. Each SIM and its data allowance is treated separately. If you need more data, no problem, just talk to the team and we can add more to your plan.

We also have Pay-as-you-go plans. They are designed for you.