Wherever things go, you’re covered

Simple billing, flexible IoT and M2M data plans and coverage for any cellular standard. If you need to connect 1 device or 100,000 devices, we’ve got you covered.

Global cellular connectivity coverage

Benefit from the best coverage with a choice of multiple local networks. Or, if you are ready to go global, get the flexibility to scale almost anywhere in the world with Pelion.

  • Global coverage across hundreds of networks and any major cellular standard including 2G/3G, 4G LTE, NB-IoT and CAT-M

  • Access to the latest connectivity technologies as soon as they become available

  • Never get locked-in to bad coverage, switch networks anytime during your contract

Get an instant estimate

Want to get a better idea of how our pricing works? Why not try our instant estimate tool. Just tell us how many SIMs you need, how much data each will use and in which regions they will be deployed to get your instant estimate.

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Roaming Coverage

Is your device likely to cross borders regularly or are you deploying internationally? This is the coverage for you. Our roaming coverage provides connectivity across 600+ networks and can get your devices connected almost anywhere in the world.

Local Coverage

Already have a defined set of locations for your deployments? This is the coverage for you. Get the best rates with our local operator partners and if you upgrade to eSIM we can also offer remote profile swapping allowing you to deploy globally and get the ultimate in future-proofing.

Get more for your money

Reduce connectivity costs with flexible, affordable IoT data packages and a contract that suits your needs now, and as you grow. We’ll let you decide what to do with the savings – get competitive advantage, pass on to your customers or invest it somewhere else.

  • The best data rates, negotiated by us, for you

  • Multiple data plan types to help you find the perfect match

  • One flexible global contract which keeps things simple

Pick your perfect IoT data plan

Bundled Data Plan

Know that you are going to use a high volume of data but with variable usage per SIM? This is the plan for you. Your data acts as a central pool, supplying each SIM with the data they need, when they need it. Add as many SIMs as you want to the pool without having to add more data.

Balanced Data Plan

Expecting relatively consistent data use per device? This is the plan for you. Each SIM has an allocated data allowance and your total data volume increases as you add more SIMs. The great thing about this plan, overages on individual SIMs can be balanced out across the whole plan so you can avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Per Device Data Plan

Looking to keep things separate and really simple? This is the plan for you. The classic plan. Get a SIM, allocate a data package to that SIM and use it as you need with each SIM and its data allowance treated separately. If you need more data, no problem, just talk to the team and we can add more to your plan.

Increase security and resilience with private networking, IP management and more

If you want to add resilience, get the ultimate in security or need easy and secure remote access to devices our premium services might be the solution.

  • Secure and resilient data routing via multiple IPSec options

  • Safe and simple remote device access via Open VPN or Pelion DINA

  • Additional IP controls and account configuration to accommodate complex use cases

Every platform feature included

Regardless of what choices you make every feature of the Pelion platform is available to everyone

Full 24/7 support with every SIM

Whether you have 1 SIM or 100,000 SIMs you still get access to our technical support team, 24/7

Customise your set-up to suit you

If you want extra resilience, another layer of security or get a simple way to remotely access your devices, just add it on

Ready to talk to someone?

If you want to speak to one of the team about how Pelion can support your IoT ambitions just get in touch.