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When you order SIMs you will need to know what form factor you need. Pelion SIMs are available in any modern form factor and either as a standard UICC SIM or as an eUICC SIM. The cost for each SIM card will depend on your selection.
The monthly cost per SIM is inclusive of the data volume requested as part of the plan. Data usage up until that limit is included. Any additional data used is charged at the overage rate.
Your region selection will affect your estimate because pricing varies by region. Pricing also varies by specific country and by network selection. For a tailored quote speak to our team.
Your data overage rate is dependent on both the data volume you have requested and the region in which you are deploying. This rate will only be charged for any data used over and above your original bundle.
Access to our management platform is included with every SIM. For most deployments this is included but there are some customisation options which come at an additional cost. For more information on exactly what’s possible, speak to the team.


If you want to add the ability to swap profiles remotely, at any time and from anywhere, you can spec your solution with eUICC SIMs and our eSIM service. eUICC SIMs are available in any formfactor and you will have a choice of multiple networks for local connectivity. Speak to the team to find out more.
Pelion offers a number of additional networking services to add additional security, resilience and facilitate remote access to your devices from anywhere. These services can be added for a monthly fee at any time during your contract. Talk to a member of our team to find out more.

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