Reflections on Infosec 2024 – A Paradigm Shift in Information Security

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As Chief Information and Security Officer, I had the pleasure of attending Infosec 2024 on June 6th.

The sheer growth of this event is astonishing. With the global expenditure in the Information Security segment projected to surpass $200 billion this year, it was no surprise to find that the ExCeL exhibition space had expanded once again to accommodate the increasing number of attendees and vendors. 
Infosec remains an unparalleled platform for staying abreast of the latest in the information security market. It’s an invaluable opportunity to understand how organizations are innovating to stay ahead of potential threats and to ensure robust protection for business operations. As always, we’ve returned with a renewed sense of vigilance and a plethora of ideas. 


 My Key Takeaways from Infosec 2024 


The Evolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Security 

The AI panic of previous years has notably subsided. Last year, the InfoSec discourse was dominated by the dual themes of AI’s potential benefits and the looming threats it posed. This year, the narrative has matured significantly. AI is now recognised as an integral part of product roadmaps, with a balanced approach of leveraging its strengths while being mindful of its potential misuse. The shift in mindset over the past year has been remarkable, reflecting a more nuanced understanding of AI’s role in information security. Later this year you will learn how Pelion is leveraging predictive models to drive decision making for customers across all industries and use cases. 

Expanding Legal Landscape 

With last year’s movement from Information Security being a technology-focused endeavour within organisations, to a “Business Security” model which brings input and drives security thinking throughout, it was encouraging to see speakers from professions beyond the technical delivering excellent keynotes, a standout example from the world of legal & compliance (also bringing the only man in a suit to InfoSec!) providing a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape surrounding information protection. With the scope of recent and upcoming directives being global, a deeper understanding of the impact of international operations necessitates a more comprehensive approach to compliance. At Pelion, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve in our security practices, but this keynote really reinforces the importance of staying vigilant and adaptable to the ever-changing world of regulations. 
With more than 100 new pieces of legislation, frameworks, and regulations to be aware of, working with partners who are well positioned to meet current and emerging demands is more vital than ever. Pelion are observing and adapting with the learnings we have from our R&D activities, including ongoing review of our security readiness for all operational regions. 


Embracing Threat Intelligence 

Enhanced Threat intelligence continues to drive our security strategy. Historically reserved for organisations with large security teams, new approaches are making this valuable approach accessible to companies of all sizes. It’s great to see processes and tools which are used at Pelion being recommended to organisations of all sizes. Moving forward, we plan to leverage these insights further to stay ahead of potential threats. I’ll be writing more about that over the coming months. Look out for a blog on ‘Cybersecurity, AI and your IoT’. 


Enhancing Human Awareness with Advanced Tools 

Despite advancements in technology, people remain the most vulnerable link in the security chain. Sophisticated attacks are becoming increasingly difficult to detect, even for seasoned professionals. Awareness and training continue to be critical.  
We’ve seen excellent results from Industry-leading training programs and will continue to prioritise educating our team. However, we also recognise the need for advanced tools to combat new methods of social engineering. Adopting innovative models to help identify trustworthy communications will be a key focus for us. 

Ensuring Robust Connectivity and Security 

At Pelion, we are committed to ensuring our audience is well-connected by design. Our security and support services are anchored around the latest technologies and regulations, ensuring comprehensive protection. The insights gained from InfoSec 2024 will help us refine our strategies and enhance our offerings. 

What’s Next?  

We will continue to stay ahead by leveraging cutting-edge security solutions. 
Our approach to security is proactive and holistic. While we already have a very robust security services portfolio. By integrating advanced threat intelligence, leveraging automation and AI where beneficial, and maintaining stringent compliance with global regulations and across our supply chain, we’re able to provide unparalleled protection for our customers.  
Infosec has again been hugely beneficial in helping us consider and shape our next steps, both for ourselves and our customers. 
The trip from Glasgow to the Excel in London was an incredibly valuable experience.  
It has reinforced our commitment to innovation, compliance, and education in the information security sphere. We are excited to implement the new strategies and tools we’ve discovered to continue safeguarding our operations and those of our customers 
Thank you for your continued trust in Pelion. Together, we will navigate the evolving landscape of information security with confidence and resilience. Well-connected. by Design. 
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About the Author 
 Scott Ewing is Pelion’s Chief Information and Security Officer. He guides the development and execution of comprehensive information security strategies, leveraging his deep technical knowledge and experience to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of all Pelion’s managed systems. Notably, Scott’s passion for challenging conventional thinking and the leverage of cloud technology, aligns with best practices, reflecting a nuanced understanding of its benefits and risks. This ultimately ensures responsible cloud computing for Pelion and its customers. His meticulous attention to detail and clear communication style further distinguishes him as a leader, facilitating shared understanding of security measures across all stakeholders. 


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