Intentional security solutions. Ultimate piece of mind

Intentional means it was built this way. Holistic end-to-end security approach with ultra-high protection. This is uncompromised security for peace of mind. 
We’ve already built a strong foundation IoT systems security. But, it’s an ongoing effort. We stay ahead. We’re vigilant and adapt to protect you as new threats and vulnerabilities emerge.

Secure Communication

Use our services to protect your IoT connections and data. Learn how to shield your data in transit. Tailor made connectivity comes with tailor made security. Get yours!

Open VPN

Get secure, remote access to your SIM deployment via our OpenVPN solution.


IPSec creates a secure tunnel to deliver encrypted traffic from your SIMs to your cloud applications.


Get secure web access to your devices via our proprietary security technology.

Secure as standard

Pelion provides the most secure connectivity for your device data. Speak to a Pelion expert to learn more about our security solutions.