Been affected by the 3G sunset?

Trust Pelion to guarantee seamless connectivity for your IoT devices. Pelion makes it easy to future-proof your IoT!

Stay ahead of the 3G sunset

What is the “3G sunset”? As Mobile Network Operators focus on delivering the continued roll out of 5G networks, they’re experiencing the need for increased bandwidth to respond to the higher demand by their users, especially to accommodate increased data requirements and provide faster speeds. As a result, many providers are shutting down their 2G and 3G networks in favor of 4G LTE networks. Many of the major US providers have announced end dates for their 3G sunset, including Verizon (by the end of 2022), Sprint (December 2022) and AT&T (February 2022).

If you’ve been caught up in the 3G sunset, you may have found yourself having to rethink your IoT connectivity deployments. The cost and hassle for businesses to replace SIMs is a major headache, particularly if you have devices deployed in remote locations, in large volumes or on the move.

New developments in connectivity technology move quickly, so ensuring your IoT connectivity is future-proofed is key to keeping control of your costs and staying ahead of the game.

Try Pelion with a free IoT SIM

Pelion’s trial IoT SIM card offers free 4G connectivity for 60 days to help you plan your transition ahead of the upcoming 3G sunset. In addition, Pelion makes it easy for you to build, test and prepare for the final step in bringing your IoT project to market.

  • 60 days of free data on one 50MB SIM card or three 20MB IoT cards
  • Access to 4G LTE/CAT-M networks across North America
  • IoT SIM card with standard, micro, and nano SIM form factors
  • Access to our world-leading Pelion Connectivity Management platform
  • Expert advice and support to get you up and running fast

Flexible connectivity with eSIM

Ensuring your device remains connected is vital to see maximum ROI from IoT projects. Cellular connectivity provides a secure and stable connection, but older generations are being shut down as technology evolves.  Avoid the expense and hassle of swapping out physical SIM cards by moving to Pelion’s managed eSIM service to connect, deploy, and remotely switch network profiles flexibly.

  • Prevent being locked into a single tariff and take advantage of the best local rates – even if your device is on the move
  • Avoid the cost and hassle involved in physically replacing SIM cards
  • Future-proof your connectivity against future network and technology developments  – IoT will possibly outlive more than one technology cycle
40% Reduction in management effort

40% Reduction in management effort

The Total Economic Impact of Pelion IoT Connectivity is a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Pelion. Working with Pelion for your IoT Connectivity makes business sense, with benefits totaling up to $421,080 and up to 422% ROI.

Build locally, deploy IoT connectivity globally

After your trial, get in touch to discuss your IoT needs. Once you’re ready to expand outside North America, Pelion will grow with you no matter where you do business, offering you:

  • Global coverage across multiple networks​
  • Consultative and collaborative solution designs
  • No-compromise performance​ optimization
  • Customer-focused service management wrap

Take control of your connected devices

With a single view of all of your SIMs, manging your connections is easier than ever. Take a tour of the Pelion IoT Connectivity Platform to see how you can take control of your connections.

Let’s get connected

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