The Team

Dave Weidner

Chief Executive Officer

Dave is renowned for his innovative leadership and expertise in technology, telecoms, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, and private equity. He champions creativity and growth through his thoughtful yet challenging leadership style. Dave’s strategic vision for technology, sustainability, and profitability propels Pelion to new heights, ensuring the company and its partners deliver on their core promises.

Lorna Barclay

Chief Financial Officer

Lorna is a distinguished finance professional with an impressive career trajectory. As a University of Glasgow graduate and ACA qualified, Lorna has demonstrated her prowess in leading high-impact financial strategies and operations across sectors, notably in her roles at Zilch Technology and Soho House. Her expertise in financial reporting, M&A, and strategic planning, combined with a solid background in audit and assurance from her time at Deloitte, equips her to drive Pelion’s financial growth and stability. Lorna’s leadership fortifies Pelion’s market position through expert financial stewardship and innovative strategies.

Alan Tait

Chief Technology Officer

Alan stands out as a highly experienced and pragmatic tech leader known for his straightforward approach and deep expertise in both traditional and cutting-edge technologies. Shunning industry jargon, Alan focuses on substance and the task at hand, ensuring technology serves real business goals. His commercial acumen and alignment of technology with business objectives underscore his commitment to delivering tangible value. With a blend of authentic leadership, technical proficiency, and a results-oriented mindset, Alan plays a crucial role in driving Pelion’s technological innovation and customer success.

Niall Strachan

Chief Commercial Officer

Niall combines his comprehensive commercial know-how, thorough understanding of technology and product strategy, to deliver practical outcomes for customers while laying the groundwork for their future growth. He drives innovation through a curious and open-minded approach, always focused on solving real-world challenges in IoT. Niall uses his leadership skills to foster a supportive and collaborative team environment, crucial for guiding Pelion and its clients towards new opportunities and achievements. His expertise comprises formulating forward-thinking strategies and effectively communicating complex ideas. He is a key player in steering Pelion and its customers towards success.

John Chambers

Chief Revenue Officer

John is distinguished for his exceptional leadership in driving customer and revenue growth within the IoT sector. An advocate for customer-centric strategies, John excels in storytelling, engaging customers on a personal level. His visionary and ambitious approach, coupled with a commitment to excellence, helps guide our customers through industry challenges, confidently. John’s combination of critical thinking, commercial acumen and market insights helps give Pelion and our customers a competitive advantage in the IOT market.

Scott Ewing

Chief Information & Security Officer.

Scott guides the development and execution of comprehensive information security strategies, leveraging his deep technical knowledge and experience to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of all Pelion’s managed systems. Notably, Scott’s passion for challenging conventional thinking and the leverage best-of-breed technologies across public, private and hybrid cloud, reflecting a nuanced understanding of the benefits and risks involved. This ultimately ensures responsible cloud computing for Pelion and its customers. His meticulous attention to detail and clear communication style further distinguishes him as a leader, facilitating shared understanding of security measures across all stakeholders.