OnDemand Webinar

Industrial IoT Security Webinar

How to secure your Industrial IoT deployments

Pelion’s Industrial IoT Security Virtual Workshop, in partnership with Industry IoT

During this 2-hour workshop, we deep-dive into the topic of IIoT security and how industrial organizations need to adapt the tried and tested reference architectures to the new reality of Cloud-native Edge computing. The event includes focussed presentations and features a group discussion between experienced industry professionals from ABB, Foundries.io, Arm, and Pelion.

In this webinar, we talk through the following subject areas:

• Exploring IoT’s unique characteristics from the security perspective
• Addressing the reality of IoT’s increased attack surface
• How IoT maps to OT’s traditional security framework (i.e., the PERA model)
• What is the compliance landscape, and how to approach it

This workshop is highly topical and not one to be missed. So, join us and learn more about a subject critical to the success of Industrial IoT.