Connectivity for Public Transport

Simple, cost effective connectivity for passenger Wi-Fi, onboard cameras, telematics, POS devices and more. Eliminate bill shock, improve coverage and consolidate to a single contract.

Connectivity for transport providers

Connectivity for your fleet can be complicated. Multiple networks, in multiple locations for a variety of devices with different requirements. Pelion helps you consolidate all of your connectivity and save costs without losing flexibility. Deliver great customer experiences with high-speed, high-reliability connectivity at a competitive and predictable cost.

Passenger Wi-Fi

Cellular connectivity can provide a fast, stable and secure solution which will allow you to provide high performance Wi-Fi on your services for your customers to enjoy.

Vehicle Telematics and Tracking

Track your fleet in real time so you can optimise utilisation, improve route efficiency and provide your customers with up-to-date journey information.

Dash Cam and CCTV

High speed, reliable connectivity for high data rate applications such as cameras so you can keep your staff and passengers safe.

Ticketing and POS

Keep all of your devices connected cost effectively so you can maximize revenue and provide quality customer experiences.

Pelion Public Transport Customer Success Stories

Avanti West Coast transfer 70TB of data a month reliably and securely with Pelion

With millions of passengers travelling on their fleet of trains, Avanti’s focus is providing the best possible experience, including offering complimentary Wi-Fi access on their trains, as well as their stations. Find out how Pelion helped them get connected.

Lothian improve customer experience and safety with fast 4G Wi-Fi connected by Pelion

Working with Pelion, Lothian acquired fast 4G backhaul to the internet that would allow connectivity for CCTV streaming, CCTV health check, passenger information systems and destination screen updates to backend servers.

A simple, cost-effective connectivity solution

High Performance

Pelion provides multiple connectivity choices for different applications under a single contract. Get high performance, super fast 4G for passenger Wi-Fi or onboard cameras with a choice of network for the ultimate in coverage and reliability across your operating locations.

Predictable Costs

Eliminate bill-shock and cost overruns with the ultimate in control. Pelion’s platform gives you real-time visibility of your data usage across your entire deployment and provides total transparency of data costs all in one place. Flexible data plans also help you adapt to changing demands, letting you use your data where and when you need it.


Get a choice of networks and connectivity types for any device from one provider and all on one contract. With Pelion you can pick the perfect connectivity combination and get one point of contact for billing and support across your entire fleet.

Find out how Pelion can help you get greater return on your connectivity investment

Find out how Pelion can help you get greater return on your connectivity investment

This report conducted by Forrester on behalf of Pelion demonstrates the savings customers in the public transport sector experience using Pelion for their connectivity.

Pelion Product Features

Pelion provides everything you need to securely connect and manage your devices.

Any SIM formfactor

Connect any device using any SIM formfactor, from removal card SIMs to embedded SIMs Pelion can provide the right solution for your application.

Any cellular standard

Get access to any cellular connectivity technology with Pelion. From 4G LTE to NB-IoT or CAT-M Pelion can provide the right connectivity for your deployment.

Choice of networks

Pelion can provide access to hundreds of networks all under one contact so you can get the ultimate in reliability across your deployment locations.

5G and eSIM ready

Pelion can help you prepare for the future. Get ready to move to 5G and easily adopt new technologies such as eSIM.

Reliable and secure

Pelion combines the inherent security benefits of cellular with secure networking, content filtering capabilities and complete control and visibility of every connection.

One simple contract

Pelion provides the flexibility to customise your contract around your exact requirements. Get cost-effective data, combine multiple networks and standards in multiple locations and consolidate it all on one contract.

Talk with an expert

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