A network set-up to suit you

Customise your IoT network architecture to prioritise what matters most. Need remote access to devices, maximum security or just a simple way to get your data from A to B, Pelion can help.

Complete control from end-to-end

Combine simple, secure cellular connectivity from our multiple operator partners with an end-to-end networking solution that suits you. Our APN integration with operators gives us full control of every connection on our network, including how the data is routed and and which devices can connect, we give this power to you.

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Remote Device Access

If you need secure remote access to your devices for maintenance, diagnosis or monitoring we can provide multiple options to suit your specific requirements. Get simple and consistent remote device access without sacrificing security.

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Total Network Control

Take control of what happens on your network. Pre-assign IP ranges for your devices giving you control over which IPs your devices can send data to and facilitating secure 3rd party access to a specific IP set without compromising security.

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Secure Data Routing

Route your data securely to any endpoint using our flexible IPSec tunnelling solutions. Send encrypted data from your SIMs to your servers, wherever they are, without ever exposing your data to the public internet.

Routing and remote access

Pelion provides multiple solutions for secure data routing and device access, giving you a safe and simple way to connect to your devices for monitoring or trouble shooting and a direct path for your data to any endpoint.

  • Multiple IPSec networking options allow you to configure a routing solution which works for your specific set-up, no matter how complicated, keeping your data safe at all times

  • Utilise OpenVPN for remote access to your devices, available for both desktop and mobile this provides a convenient means of ad-hoc device access for troubleshooting or monitoring

Routing and Access Technologies

These technologies provide a secure way to access your device and route data to any desired end-point.


IPSec provides a secure tunnel to deliver encrypted traffic from your SIMs to your servers. There are multiple configurations available allowing us to facilitate your specific set-up, including for multiple sites, multi-protocol translation, and for a variety of different end-points.


Get secure, remote access to your SIM base via our OpenVPN solution. This solution facilitates client-server communications by establishing a secure tunnel between the VPN client and your SIMs. It can be used on desktop or mobile and is great for providing ad-hoc device access from anywhere.


Direct Inbound Network Access (DINA) gives you secure access to your devices directly via the Pelion platform. DINA will randomly assign an IP address to your device for a one off session. It requires no configuration and is an excellent solution if you need easy, remote, ad-hoc access to your SIMs.

Complete IP management

With Pelion you can get greater control over the IPs helping you keep devices and data safe. Take advantage of our any of our networking services and combine with IP control for the perfect set-up.

  • Stop your SIMs from connecting to unknown IPs by predefining a range of allowed IP addresses to ensure only recognised devices can connect to your applications

  • Control access to IP groups completely independently giving you the flexibility to enable secure, discrete access for you, your partners and your end customers

Management platform monitoring

Using the Pelion platform you get visibility of everything happening across your SIM base, all in one place. Whatever choices you make on networking technologies and IP Management, the platform helps you make the most of them.

  • Monitor every connection to ensure best performance and identify unexpected behaviour easily

  • Tag and group devices to keep your deployment organised and easy to manage

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Management Platform

Get full visibility into exactly what’s happening in your deployment and take complete control.


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Pricing and Coverage

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