Secure connectivity, right at the core.

Pelion helps you secure the heart of your solutions, with a reliable way to connect your devices and manage network access.

Keep your data safe

Quickly identify malicious behaviour

Pelion lets you monitor all key connection information about every device in your network, all in one place, making it much easier to spot potential threats and take action quickly.

  • See all IPs sending and receiving data on your network
  • Check when data is being sent to make sure it matches expectations
  • Monitor how much data is being sent from each device

Take action fast and stay ahead of threats

Using the Pelion platform, you have complete control over every connection. Not only can you see what each connection is doing but you can also take action to stop any unexpected or malicious behaviour whilst you investigate.

  • Automated alerts can help you spot unexpected behaviour
  • Pause a SIM’s ability to send and receive data without needing physical access to the device
  • Manage every IP that has access to your network and take action if an IP is unrecognised
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Choose from the most secure networks

Maintaining network security is critical to ensuring your data can’t be intercepted in transit. Pelion offers cellular connectivity with a choice of various tier 1 operator networks, providing a secure way to connect your devices which doesn’t place the burden of network maintenance on your internal teams.

Pelion is certified to ISO 27001

Security is part of who we are

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of cyber-security and risk management. We are always preparing for new threats, monitoring data integrity, protecting data confidential and strengthening the controls that keep us resilient to cyber-attacks.

Pelion is the choice for security conscious buyers

Connect any device

Pelion provides connectivity for any SIM-based device. Whether your device needs the fastest 4G or ultra-efficient LPWAN, we can provide coverage which gets you connected quickly and safely.

Control your connections

Pelion gives you complete control of every connection in your network. Get information on every connected device displayed in one place, and the power to take action when something doesn’t look right.

Keep your data safe

Control access to the network with dedicated IP management for every connection and send all your data via Pelion’s private network, meaning it will never be exposed on the public internet.

Secure and resilient

Cellular connectivity combined with Pelion’s additional security services offers a reliable, secure and resilient way to connect all your devices, wherever they are. For cellular applications, security starts with the physical SIM providing access to the network and when combined with the detailed intelligence on each connection provided by the platform and the ability to add secure IPsec based routing for all your data Pelion can provide unmatched confidence in your deployment and robust security for your data.

IPSec networking

Pelion’s IPSec networking services help you further customise your set-up, letting you route data securely and build in an extra layer or resilience to minimise the chance that your critical connectivity is disrupted.

Secure remote device access

Pelion offers multiple solutions for facilitating secure access to your devices remotely for monitoring, maintenance and configuration. Give your teams streamlined remote access to devices without compromising on security.

Detailed connection analytics

Pelion gives you detailed information on every connection so you can insure the integrity of your deployments is maintained. You can see when devices are connecting, what IPs they are sending data to, and you can quickly take action to block unexpected behaviour.

Pelion helps customers build secure connected solutions

Oysta adds secure connectivity to their devices

Oysta’s devices are independently tested for security, with a focus on securing both the device and SIM. For a complete end-to-end solution, they turned to Pelion to help bolster their already secure device with equally as trusted connectivity.

Digital Inc keeps their users safe and secure online

Pelion helps Digital Inc. offer granular, global web content monitoring, filtering and reporting to help protect employees and students from harm whilst online, across mobile edge device deployments.

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