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IoT security for your enterprise

Pelion helps you extend your existing infrastructure to include any connected IoT device without compromising operational security and keeps you ahead of threats with a transparent view of risk.

Security for any device

Pelion combines deep device expertise with a full suite of features focused on securing your devices and edge applications from design, into deployment and throughout their entire lifecycle.

Security for any network

Pelion can help you secure your IoT networks and provide a safe path for your data from device to cloud. Whether you use Pelion’s cellular connectivity or need to secure your own network infrastructure, Pelion can help.

Security for any Industry

Security for any industry

Pelion is able to support organisation operating in highly regulated industries. Our ISO27001 and SOC2 accredited solutions can be configured to comply with your industries specific requirements.

Solving your IoT security challenges

Keep your data safe

Keep your data safe

Pelion helps you secure your data at every stage of it’s journey from device to cloud. A true end-to-end solution which can include secure managed cellular network connectivity providing your data with a secure path start to finish. Combining industry standard data encryption, comprehensive data access controls and monitoring of anomalous network activity we help you keep your critical data safe both in transit and at rest.

Stay ahead of threats

Stay ahead of threats

IoT security is never done. New risks emerge all the time and that’s why our processes are designed to highlight risks instead of hiding them, giving you a complete view of your system security and a clear path forward. At Pelion our transparent approach to risk identification and comprehensive threat modelling practices help keep you ahead of threats so they can be addressed before they can have an impact on your business.

Work with the experts

Work with the experts

Starting an IoT project can be daunting. The Pelion team bring deep connected device expertise to your organisation and both industry wide and IoT specific accreditations. Our solutions are all in compliance with GDPR, GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme, ISO27001 and SOC2 Type2 meaning you can have total confidence that we take security and compliance as seriously as you do. Our team of security, compliance and IoT experts will guide you through the whole process of securing your devices from design to deployment.

Single vendor simplicity

Get single vendor simplicity

In IoT, sometimes things go wrong. But if something does go wrong, having one point of contact for all your IoT infrastructure and a set of solutions which all work on a consistent security operating model makes finding and fixing faults much faster and a lot less stressful. Pelion can provide everything you need to securely connect and manage any IoT device, anywhere in the world giving you a complete view of your deployment and a single source for your device-to-cloud security.

Pelion can help secure your IoT

Pelion helps Oysta add secure connectivity to their devices

Oysta’s devices are independently tested for security, with a focus on securing both the device and SIM. For a complete end-to-end solution, they turned to Pelion to help bolster their already secure device with equally as trusted connectivity.

Pelion provides IoT security end-to-end for Kepco

Pelion helps KEPCO, transform into an energy and services provider with the only solution that could provide a dedicated chip with end-to-end security complemented by IoT operating system (OS), device management tools and consultancy services.

Pelion helps Digital Inc keep their users safe and secure online

Pelion helps Digital Inc. offer granular, global web content monitoring, filtering and reporting to help protect employees and students from harm whilst online, across mobile edge device deployments.

GSMA Intelligence Enterprise IoT Security Report

GSMA Intelligence Enterprise IoT Security Report

In this report from GSMA key decisions makers from enterprises around the world share their thinking on IoT security.

How Pelion helps secure your IoT devices and data

Track device behaviour

Being able to quickly identify unusual device behavior and take action is a crucial line of defense in avoiding a security incident. Pelion let’s you monitor all key device health metrics such as CPU state or memory usage as well as what networks they are connecting over, where and when they are sending data, what data they are sending and how much. All of this information combined makes spotting unusual behavior easy and helps you keep your deployments safe.

Keep devices up-to-date

Keeping devices updated throughout their lifecycle is critical to avoiding any vulnerabilities in deployed devices being exploited. Pelion allows you to update firmware on any of your devices over-the-air, whenever it is required. Our delta updates mean you can patch vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently without disrupting your deployments. Being able to update devices remotely is also increasingly becoming a regulatory requirement for IoT devices in many regions around the world.

Manage device and subscriber identities

Being able to manage device credentials and securely provision profiles not only helps future proof your deployment but also gives you confidence that only authorized devices are able to connect to your networks and send and receive data. Pelion provides the tools to manage and provision device credentials and SIM profiles for any device, completely remotely, and helps you build trust in your data with PKI based network authentication.

Connect over secure networks

Maintaining network security is critical to ensuring your data can’t be intercepted in transit. Pelion offers cellular connectivity via tier 1 operator networks providing a secure way to connect your devices which doesn’t place the burden of network maintenance on your internal teams. Pelion provides a secure path for your data with private APN controlled network access and our own managed VPN. And if you don’t want to use our connectivity we can still help you manage and secure your devices over any network type.

Secure your IoT applications

As applications spread over highly distributed, resource-constrained and unreliable compute fabric, the management and the orchestration of the applications become a daunting challenge. Pelion offers an open standards-based, and interoperable mechanism to package, deploy and manage IoT applications from the cloud to distributed edge devices securely and efficiently.

Deploy to the cloud or on-premise

Although cloud based deployments are increasingly becoming the default option with Pelion you can pick the deployment type for Device Management that best matches your preference or industry specific compliance requirements. Whether your priorities are speed, simplicity or control Pelion provides deployment options which help you secure your devices and set-up your architecture so it works for what you need.
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Securely connect and manage any IoT device with Pelion

IoT Connectivity

Simple, cost effective cellular connectivity for any device, anywhere in the world. Global cellular and LPWAN connectivity available on a single Pelion IoT SIM

Edge Applications Management

Flexible and unified management for devices, gateway systems and applications at the edge. Keep your deployments secure, improve reliability and make sure you are collecting data you can trust.
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IoT Device Management

Lifecycle management for any IoT device, over any network available on the cloud or on-premise. Ensure your devices are always up-to-date, secure and delivering peak performance.

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