The best connectivity in the world comes with uninterrupted peace of mind. 99.99% of the time.

We connect businesses, like yours to your IoT devices everywhere.
Delivering the whole connectivity solution with a commitment to your well-connected, secure, reliable, and sustainable operations. The best connectivity in the world means you are able to focus on what truly matters – running your business.

Well-connected wherever you are

From versatile local coverage to unlimited global expansion, we deliver the best connectivity in the World.

Flexible price plans

Bundled into one contract, you can build a data plan that works for you, share data across your entire deployment and stay in control of your costs. 



Per device

All cellular networks






Including 3G and 2G

Pelion can match your requirements to the network technology

Coverage Checker

Check our global coverage to see where you’ll be able to connect. Pelion’s global IoT coverage includes 5G, 4G, LTE, Cat-M1 and NB-IoT, 3G, and even 2G. All the best networks and all the best rates. 

Future proofing your connections

Our proven eSIM technology and network switching process takes the worry out of the future.

Keeping your data safe

Security services built in. From private, managed APNs, VPNs, IPSec, and security architecture reviews – your data is safe with us.

Keeping you well-connected 24/7

Our support services are always on. Our automated in-platform alerts and our 24/7 technical support has your back.  

It all starts with the right SIM. Right.

We make sure your deployment is set-up for success. It’s well-connected. By design. You have access to everything from a super simple standard IoT SIMs to fully future-proofed eSIMs. You can get ahead. Right from the start.

Easy connectivity platform to manage everything

Manage every single SIM, across regions, using multiple technologies, networks, and data plans all on the Pelion platform. Stay on top of everything happening in your deployment. Easily. 

Learn all about eUICC

Get ahead. Be ready for the future. Build your deployments on a Pelion IoT eUICC (eSIM) and unlock a whole world of opportunities. Deploy anywhere and swap networks at any time without needing physical access to change SIMs.

Get the best price from the best networks around the world. You’ll have flexibility to switch and expand when you need it. Not just when your contract runs out. 

Get some help from a team of experts. Real People

Our team will guide you to get connected and stay well-connected. So you can get ahead. With Pelion, you will be able to address the common struggles with IoT applications, while streamlining and integrating local and global cellular networks. With us, you can reduce your administrative burdens and make your solution future proof.

Discover the secrets to IoT success​

Learn how to elevate your IoT solution from our customers.

Get well-connected by design.

Pelion provides the world’s best connectivity for your devices. Trial a SIM and experience the Pelion difference.