High speed cellular connectivity for all your things.

Get fast, reliable connectivity exactly where you need it with a choice of the best 4G LTE networks, packaged into one flexible plan.

Best performance

High speed, low latency data transit via our private APN infrastructure and a choice of the top 4G networks to find the perfect coverage.

Predictable costs

Keep things cost-effective and predictable with data bundles at the best rates, detailed usage monitoring, and automated alerts to catch potential overages before they happen.

Total control

Get total control over each connection with our platform and use our advanced networking options to build a solution that keeps your data safe, regardless of your setup.

High performance 4G and 5G coverage

Handpick the perfect coverage for your devices with a choice of all the best networks combined into one simple solution. Fast, reliable 4G or 5G coverage for all your devices matched to Pelion’s high-performance platform. Give your devices the connectivity they deserve.

  • A choice of top 4G LTE networks so you can find the right coverage for each device, wherever they are
  • Easily add 5G coverage when you are ready
  • Take advantage of Pelion’s performance focused set-up with no traffic shaping or throttling at any point

High usage IoT data plans

If your things use a lot of data you need a plan which keeps things cost effective and flexible. With our bundled plans you can buy data in bulk at a discount and use all the data across as many SIMs as you want. You can add or remove SIMs at any time without having to change your data bundle and manage everything remotely, on our platform.

  • Keep things simple with one big data bundle for all your devices
  • Choose from multiple networks to find the best coverage at the best prices
  • Manage SIM’s, usage, data plans and billing on the platform

Total control over your own connectivity

Our platform let’s you keep track of exactly what every SIM is doing, at all times, without loads of extra effort.

  • Monitor data usage across all of your SIMs, plans, and networks, all in one place
  • Detailed IP information helps you keep an eye on where your devices are sending data and spot unexpected behaviour quickly
  • Integrate every major feature of our platform into your own business systems with our API’s

Pelion Customer Success Stories

Lothian use Pelion for fast, reliable 4G backhaul

Lothian picked Pelion to provide connectivity for their public transport fleet. With super fast 4G connectivity from Pelion for CCTV, passenger information systems and more, Lothian were able to improve customer experience whilst lowering connectivity costs and reducing the need for costly and time consuming site visits.

Wired Broadcast use Pelion to stream live from anywhere

Wired Broadcast provide high-speed connectivity solutions to broadcasters, allowing them to reach their audiences from anywhere. Using Pelion they were able to provide super fast, reliable connectivity to their customers whilst saving themselves hundreds of hours on the management of SIMs.

Want to try Pelion for free?

60 days of free data on a Pelion SIM

Get free data to test our coverage, full access to our platform, a set of SIMs and help from our expert team. No contracts, no commitments.

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