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This week we are celebrating the encouraging results and promising indications on the first anniversary of trading as an independent organisation.

We started life in 2000 as Stream Communications and after a stint under Arm a year ago, we have returned to our independence under the visionary leadership of our new CEO Dave Weidner.

Reflecting on the past year, Dave says “We have taken this opportunity to focus on establishing a new direction for Pelion. This first anniversary after the management buyout, marks a point in the company’s life that I am very excited about. After significant wins across key verticals including Energy and EV, Transportation, and Work Site Management, Pelion has had a record year. Revenues have grown more than 30%. We have excellent trading and market indications with an ambitious plan which will firmly cement our position as one of the leading critical thinkers and technology providers in the IoT ecosystem. I know most of the IoT analysts are excited to see what is next. I am genuinely looking forward to showing them and all the rest of our stakeholders”.

With over two decades of IoT and connectivity management experience, deep technical expertise, and a full ecosystem of partners, Pelion has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months. This has not gone unnoticed. At Business Insider’s 30th Annual Award ceremony, Pelion won “SME Deal of the Year”. This is a testament to how well it is going.

Our return to profitability is within reach. We right sized and aligned the team, expanded with new talent, built a new roadmap, and remodelled our offices all in efforts to build sustainable strategies to achieve our vision. We have done all of this so we can ensure that every connected device in the world will be well-connected using Pelion technology.

“We have early proof that we can achieve our vision”, says Dave. “In the spring and summer of 2023, we have delivered on the promise of eSIMs by successfully migrating thousands of IoT devices from one network provider to another seamlessly, proving that both the experience and the technology we deliver is indeed the connectivity solution of the future. It simply just works here at Pelion”.

We have spent the last year building the foundations for future growth. This includes what is next for Pelion’s Connectivity Management technology. We have done this all while looking after our existing customers, attracting new ones, making sure they are all well-connected.

Over the course of the next few months, we will put final touches on the next generation of Connectivity Management. We look forward to sharing the details on this evolution with more to come soon.

Now, off to celebrate!

The Pelion Team

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