Pelion reaffirms commitment to IoT cellular connectivity

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Connectivity has always been the core of Pelion. Formed as a conglomeration of a number of acquisitions made by Arm, Pelion was spun out as its own company in December 2020 with a goal of helping customers to securely connect and manage their world of devices. 

With a well-established history of market leadership and growth, Pelion’s connectivity business was our strongest performing and formed the basis of our core offering. Pelion has continued investment in connectivity to maintain our market-leading position and paving the way for a strong future in the market. 

As a technology provider, responding to changing customer demands, in what is a very fast paced market, is key and focusing exclusively on connectivity has allowed Pelion to respond faster to both customer and market demands. 

As we evaluated Pelion’s market traction, it was clear that Pelion’s connectivity business was best positioned for innovation and growth; so, rather than going down a new path in device / edge management, we made the decision in late 2021 to focus our efforts on creating the best connectivity service for IoT devices. 

Building strong connectivity for today and tomorrow Despite the hurdles still presented by COVID-19, Pelion’s connectivity business is on track to deliver strong growth in 2022. We have expanded our market leading eSIM service offering, simplifying multi-region connectivity and strengthening our relationships with operator partners to be able to provide the best local connectivity and pricing for our customers. 

We have expanded our low power wide area network (LPWAN) footprint to cover more regions at even more competitive prices, and we are making 5G available to customers, allowing them to take advantage of the most modern connectivity technologies. Moving forward, we are excited at our re-energized mission of connecting a world where life and devices thrive. 

To give you a clearer view of our vision, this looks like … Being able to track a shipment on a pallet, in near real-time, anywhere in the world. That data can then be used by brands to make better decisions about promotions while also reducing waste. Leveraging Pelion’s global connectivity coverage, Cambridge-based start-up Sensize helps its customers track shipments more efficiently, enabling more effective usage of reusable containers that help reduce the waste in the supply chain. 

Enabling the best customer experience for people using public transport, providing fast and reliable connectivity so they can communicate, work and play while in transit. With Pelion, Lothian acquired fast 4G backhaul that would allow connectivity for CCTV streaming, CCTV health check, passenger information systems and destination screen updates to backend servers. 

This has improved the customer experience by allowing customers to stay up to date on the status of their service, and enables increased safety by allowing quicker response times and faster decision making on incidents. Delivering connectivity to allow live music to be broadcast from anywhere, right into homes. Prior to its work with Pelion, Wired Broadcast was using pay-as-you-go top-up SIMs to provide connectivity for its Mediaport units, but the workload of managing these SIMs was unsustainable.

Pelion provides Wired Broadcast reliable network coverage, with no pre-pay top-ups required, enabling a huge time savings, as the bulk of network operator management is handled entirely within one convenient, easy-to-use platform. Connecting devices that keep vulnerable individuals safe, while allowing them to retain their independence. 

Oysta provides a remote telecare solution with reliability and uptime requirements that leave no room for error. With Pelion, Oysta has access to a true roaming SIM, so that even in areas with patchy connectivity the device could connect across different networks to maintain reliability. The future is bright Pelion’s core mission remains unchanged, and we are committed to helping to connect a world where life and devices thrive together. 

We are excited for the future as Pelion continues to enable our customers to transform their business – regardless of industry. If you’re ready to take your connectivity into the future, reach out today! Together, we can do more.

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