How IoT has changed the game for fleet management

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As a hugely traditional market, with a history spanning hundreds of years, the transportation industry has seen innovations come and go. Companies have been constantly striving to integrate the latest and greatest in technology, such as fleet management, to improve their business outcomes and, all with a keen eye on the bottom line.  


We’ve worked closely with a range of customers in the transportation and logistics sector and witnessed first-hand how their implementation of IoT solutions has changed the way they do business. From asset tracking to fleet management, Pelion customers like Tangerine and Bulk Tainer have been empowered by IoT to offer a range of fantastic features and services to their clients.


Case studies: High tech innovation in an old-school industry

You can read more about Tangerine’s impressive AI-powered data analytics platform in this recent case study. By relying on Pelion to provide seamless and secure IoT connectivity for their platform, they have seen huge benefits, including the reduction of downtime and cost, as well as a simplified supply chain.


Bulk Tainer offers a tracking solution which leverages machine learning to improve utilization efficiencies for their customers. Our Pelion case study found that Bulk Tainer saved on time and resources thanks to Pelion’s easy-to-use development tools. With the challenge of reliable IoT connectivity solved, they were able to quickly go to market with a scalable and flexible solution.


The benefits of IoT connectivity for fleet management

The Pelion team worked closely with Tangerine to produce two in-depth whitepapers covering their learnings and key considerations for IoT in transportation. The implementation of an IoT solution offers the opportunity to connect far-flung and constantly moving fleet vehicles, providing remote fleet management with detailed insights into their operations, which can be leveraged to improve business strategy. These improvements can include hugely reduced operational costs, improved driver safety, smarter vehicle routing and real-time tracking.

To learn more about how IoT is revolutionizing fleet management, check out our whitepaper which was authored in partnership with Tangerine.

For the specifics about IoT connectivity and its role in fleet management, read the second whitepaper in the series, available now.

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