Dave Weidner Speaking at All Energy and DCarbonise Conference 2024

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We’re thrilled to announce that our CEO Dave Weidner, will be speaking at the All Energy and DCarbonise Conference  in Glasgow this week. 
On Thursday 16 May at 09:40, Dave will dive into the transformative impact of IoT on sustainability and ESG practices. 
Under Dave’s leadership, Pelion now sits at the forefront of driving sustainable solutions through advanced IoT technology.  
This All Energy Conference is a fantastic opportunity to explore how we’re integrating global and local connectivity into customer operations, optimising resources, and paving the way towards smarter and more sustainable businesses. 
Dave’s presentation will highlight how we can eEmpower sSustainable fFutures with IoT, focusing on three critical areas where IoT has already moved the needle towards Net Zero: 

IoT as a Catalyst for Sustainability  

Demonstrate the vital role that Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity technologies play in promoting sustainability across various sectors. By using IoT, we can collectively significantly enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and optimise resource management, leading to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.  

The Technology and Telecommunications industry has a role to play in contributing to sustainability 

Highlighting Pelion’s commitment and leadership in integrating IoT solutions that advance environmental sustainability. Pelion is actively involved in projects that push the envelope using technology to support eco- and sustainability initiatives.  

Real-world Impact and Future Potential 

Showcasing how real-world applications with IoT solutions’ measurable impact on sustainability, exemplified by our case studies. We invite the audience to consider the future potential of IoT in driving further innovations and achieving global environmental goals, marking IoT as not just a technological advancement but a crucial tool in combating climate change. 
As part of Pelion’s participation in Glasgow Tech Week, this session is not just a discourse but a call to action for embracing IoT to make a real-world impact on environmental stewardship and corporate ESG responsibility. 
Don’t miss out. 
Join us at Theatre 2 at the Glasgow SEC on Thursday 16 May 2024, for 09:40 AM. 

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