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Pelion helps Digital Inc. offer granular, global web content monitoring, filtering and reporting to help protect employees and students from harm whilst online, across mobile edge device deployments.

Digital Inc. realized the abuse of readily available web access in schools and workplaces presented a risk in an age of increasing compliance, and litigation. Organizations recognize they have a duty of care to ensure that no harm is inflicted as a result of the access provided by their devices and are turning to partners that can mitigate that risk.

To become the world’s first provider of network-level mobile filtering Digital Inc. required a connectivity partner that could help them facilitate filtering and granular reporting, whilst preventing staff (and students) from circumventing browsing policies by switching to 4G or leaving corporate networks. This would require mobile connectivity management to administer real-time filtering and security for devices that work across any connection type, anywhere in the world.


“Pelion has helped provide protection across all networks, around the world, and helped us build a global client base extremely quickly thanks to Pelion’s global cellular footprint.”

Ben Weston, CEO – Digital Inc


The Solution

  • Private APN for unparalleled security and streamlined processes
  • Frictionless provisioning and tariff migration, creating more upselling opportunities
  • Increased scalability and responsiveness to new opportunities
  • Global connectivity creating new market opportunities

Pelion’s private APN (access point name) allowed a single point of entry onto an IP network, meaning employees can connect to their corporate network more securely than a traditional VPN, which is subject to insecure data that traverses the public internet.
Pelion also allows Digital Inc. to grow share of wallet by upgrading existing clients to more feature -rich licenses instantly. It also eradicates the cost of physically traveling to swap a device SIM as the filter is applied at a network, rather than device level. Managing content at network level prevents users from swapping SIMs, devices, and networks to gain access to unauthorized content and ensure a duty of care and an enforced browsing policy for organizations, regardless of connection.

“Our partnership with Pelion has helped us generate revenue sooner by avoiding lengthy negotiations with MNOs, but it’s the scalability and responsiveness of Pelion that helps us remove barriers and deliver tens of thousands of licenses to our global partners within days of signing up.”

Justin Wilson, Director of Sales – Digital Inc


Instant Protection, Global Success

The improved insight offered by Digital Inc. not only safeguards employees but also monitors productivity and polices the use of corporate assets. For example, a rail worker can no longer steal company time or data by watching Netflix on his company-issued ruggedized laptop, and an international jet charterer crew tasked with transporting high net worth clientele around the world are monitored, even over foreign cellular networks.

Digital Inc. had a clear understanding of their product’s concept and an excellent understanding of their target market but relied upon Pelion’s considerable experience and technical resource to bring a solution to market sooner.

Streamlined provisioning allows corporate clients to protect a global estate of devices instantly via Pelion’s global network of 600+ operators. This eradicates the need to negotiate with network providers in each country each time they acquire a new client overseas, pay multiple invoices or monitor numerous data plans. This global footprint is helping Digital Inc. remove geographical barriers to entry as his team can simply activate a new batch of SIMs the moment he acquires a new client, increasing their rate of expansion.

“Our team took care of technical engineering and design work, meaning that Digital Inc. could focus on what they did best and commercialize a solution sooner, without the cost and hassle of contracting or employing additional technical resource.”

Scott Ewing, Principal Infrastructure Architect – Pelion


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