2G and 3G network sunsets

What is network sunsetting?

This is the term given to the decommissioning of old cellular network infrastructure to make way for newer alternatives. Enabling the roll out of new connectivity options such as 5G. Celluary network operators across the world are planning (or in many cases already have completed) the shutdown of their 2G and 3G networks.

What does it mean for me?

If you have a device currently using 2G or 3G networks you need to think about the future. Once the networks are shutdown devices will need to either have an option to switch to an alternative 2G or 3G network or have the ability to utilise another network technology like 4G. 

When will they shut down?

Below is a list of known 2G and 3G networking sunsetting dates. Please be aware that these dates are subject to change and are based on the information Pelion has received from our partners.

SWITZERLANDSunrise Communications AG2GDecember 2022
GREECEVodafone3GDecember 2022
GREECEWind Hellas3GDecember 2022
UNITED STATEST Mobile US2GDecember 2022
UNITED STATESVerizon Wireless3GDecember 2022
DENMARKNuuday A/S (TDC)3GDecember 2022
UNITED KINGDOMVodafone3GDecember 2022
LITHUANIATelia Lietuva AB3GDecember 2022
GREECEVodafone-Panafon Hellenic Telecommunications Company S.A.3GDecember 2022
SAUDI ARABIASaudi Telecom Company (STC)3GDecember 2022
UNITED ARAB EMIRATESEmirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC2GDecember 2022
UNITED ARAB EMIRATESEmirates Telecom Corp-ETISALAT2GDecember 2022
NETHERLANDST-Mobile Netherlands B.V.2GMay 2023
UNITED KINGDOMThree UK3GSeptember 2023
INDIABharti Airtel Limited2GNovember 2023
SWEDENTelia Mobile AB3GDecember 2023
FINLANDTeliaSonera3GDecember 2023
NORWAYTelia Norge AS3GDecember 2023
ECUADORConecel S.A. (Consorcio Ecuatoriano de Telecomunicaciones S.A.)2GDecember 2023
PUERTO RICOPuerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc.2GDecember 2023
FINLANDTelia Finland Oyj3GDecember 2023
SWITZERLANDSalt Mobile SA2GDecember 2023
URUGUAYAM Wireless Uruguay S.A.2GDecember 2023
DOMINICAN REPUBLICCompañia Dominicana de Teléfonos, S.A.2GDecember 2023
FINLANDDNA Plc3GDecember 2023
FINLANDElisa3GDecember 2023
ESTONIATelia Eesti AS3GDecember 2023
FINLANDElisa Corporation3GDecember 2023
ESTONIATelia Eesti3GDecember 2023
JAPANSoftBank Corp.3GJanuary 2024
AUSTRALIATelstra Corporation Limited3GJune 2024
PANAMA, REPUBLIC OFClaro Panamá, S.A.2GDecember 2024
PARAGUAYAMX Paraguay S.A.2GDecember 2024
MALAYSIADigi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd2GDecember 2024
MALAYSIADigi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd3GDecember 2024
MEXICORadiomóvil Dipsa, S.A. de C.V.2GDecember 2024
MYANMARTelenor Myanmar Limited2GDecember 2024
EL SALVADORCTE Telecom Personal, S.A. de C.V.2GDecember 2024
INDIABharat Sanchar Nigam Limited3GDecember 2024
PERUAmérica Móvil Perú, S.A.C.2GDecember 2024
NICARAGUAEmpresa Nicaraguense de Telecomunicaciones S.A. - ENITEL2GDecember 2024
GUATEMALATelecomunicaciones de Guatemala, S.A. (TELGUA)2GDecember 2024
SWEDENTelia Company AB3GNovember 2025
SWEDENTele2 AB3GNovember 2025
NEW ZEALANDVodafone New Zealand Ltd2GNovember 2025
IRELANDVodafone Ireland Limited2GDecember 2025
PAKISTANTelenor Pakistan (Private) Limited2GDecember 2025
CZECH REPUBLICT-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.2GDecember 2025
NETHERLANDSVodafone Libertel B.V.2GDecember 2025
NORWAYTelenor Norge AS2GDecember 2025
DENMARKTelia Nattjanster Norden AB2GDecember 2025
SWEDENTele2 AB2GDecember 2025
GREECEVodafone-Panafon Hellenic Telecommunications Company S.A.2GDecember 2025
HUNGARYVodafone Hungary Mobile Telecommunications Company Limited2GDecember 2025
SPAINVodafone España, S.A.U.2GDecember 2025
GERMANYVodafone GmbH2GDecember 2025
DENMARKTelenor A/S2GDecember 2025
FINLANDTelia Finland Oyj2GDecember 2025
CZECH REPUBLICVodafone Czech Republic a.s.2GDecember 2025
ESTONIATelia Eesti AS2GDecember 2025
FINLANDÅlands Telekommunikation Ab2GDecember 2025
FINLANDDNA Plc2GDecember 2025
LITHUANIAUAB Bitė Lietuva3GDecember 2025
PUERTO RICOPuerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc.3GDecember 2025
ECUADORConecel S.A. (Consorcio Ecuatoriano de Telecomunicaciones S.A.)3GDecember 2025
ROMANIAS.C. Vodafone Romania S.A.2GDecember 2025
COSTA RICAClaro CR Telecomunicaciones, S.A.3GDecember 2025
LITHUANIATelia Lietuva AB2GDecember 2025
AUSTRIAA1 Telekom Austria AG3GDecember 2025
DOMINICAN REPUBLICCompañia Dominicana de Teléfonos, S.A.3GDecember 2025
PAKISTANTelenor Pakistan (Private) Limited3GDecember 2025
BULGARIAA1 Bulgaria EAD3GDecember 2025
MYANMARTelenor Myanmar Limited3GDecember 2025
BRAZILClaro S.A3GDecember 2025
SWEDENTelenor Sverige AB2GDecember 2025
SPAINTelefónica Móviles España S.A.3GDecember 2025
DENMARKTelia Nattjanster Norden AB3GDecember 2025
SWEDENTelenor Sverige AB3GDecember 2025
URUGUAYAM Wireless Uruguay S.A.3GDecember 2025
COLOMBIAComunicacion Celular S.A (Comcel S.A)3GDecember 2025
CHILEClaro Chile SA3GDecember 2025
CANADATelus3GDecember 2025
ARGENTINAAMX Argentina S.A.3GDecember 2025
SWEDENTelia Company AB2GDecember 2025
THAILANDdtac TriNet Co., Ltd.3GDecember 2025
DENMARKHI3G Denmark ApS3GDecember 2025
NORWAYTelia Norge AS2GDecember 2025
PORTUGALVodafone Portugal - Comunicações Pessoais, S.A.2GDecember 2025
PERUAmérica Móvil Perú, S.A.C.3GDecember 2026
PARAGUAYAMX Paraguay S.A.3GDecember 2026
PANAMA, REPUBLIC OFClaro Panamá, S.A.3GDecember 2026
NICARAGUAEmpresa Nicaraguense de Telecomunicaciones S.A. - ENITEL3GDecember 2026
MEXICORadiomóvil Dipsa, S.A. de C.V.3GDecember 2026
GUATEMALATelecomunicaciones de Guatemala, S.A. (TELGUA)3GDecember 2026
EL SALVADORCTE Telecom Personal, S.A. de C.V.3GDecember 2026
BANGLADESHGrameenphone Ltd3GDecember 2026
LITHUANIAUAB Bitė Lietuva2GDecember 2028
UNITED KINGDOMVodafone2GDecember 2030

What are my options?

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If your device is already capable of connecting to the 4G network you may still need to take action.

  • Check if 4G coverage is available in the locations where your devices are deployed if you are a Pelion customer you can do this via our coverage map

  • If 4G coverage is available, check which networks provide the coverage and confirm whether your current plan and profile can facilitate connectivity to that network

  • Check if your device has 4G failover configured, if it does you don’t need to do anything, your device should be able to connect, if it doesn’t there are a few more steps required

  • If your device isn’t configured for 4G failover you need to update the configurations, if you are a Pelion customer you can do this remotely via any of our networking services such as DINA or Open VPN and you can contact our support team if you need help changing configurations

  • If you are a Pelion customer and don’t have any of our networking services set-up but would like to add them, you can speak to our support team or your account manager to add these services

  • If you have another means of easy access to your devices you can just update the configuration directly

Finally, you need to consider if your device uses any additional services such as Voice or SMS services via one of the affected networks. If it does but is compatible with 4G equivalents (VoLTE) then follow the steps above for help with configuration and set-up. If it is not compatible and you are a Pelion customer, speak to your account manager.

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If your device is not compatible with 4G and you are not already thinking about a device upgrade, now is the time. Whilst in some cases there may be a solution, it will only be short term and your device will eventually be left without any networks to connect to.

If you have confirmed your current network is affected by the shutdown, you can check if any other 2G/3G networks are still available in your deployment area. If they are then you will have the option of switching to that network provider however, first you need to confirm whether your current plan and profile facilitates connection to that network. 

You can also check our current 2G/3G coverage here. Depending on your set-up, connecting to another 2G/3G network might even require a physical SIM swap if roaming is not available.

Although switching networks may provide a short term solution it’s not a long term fix, and in many cases it will not be an option at all. In this scenario you likely need to be thinking about a hardware upgrade. If power conservation is a priority for your device and you only use small volumes of data NB-IoT or LTE-M are worth considering.

Alternatively, 4G and now 5G provide a lot of performance and flexibility if power consumption is less of a priority. There is a lot of information available via our resources section or just get in touch with our team and set up a technical consultation so we can help you find the best fit.

Be ahead of the sunset

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