Device Management Subprocessors
v6 [01 Feb 2021]

1 February 2021 CONFIDENTIAL LES-LTR-38602

SP-Version: 7.0

Pelion Device Management Subprocessors

Arm uses a range of subprocessors (both third parties and entities of the Arm Group) to assist it in connection with the Pelion Device Management Service, as described in the Pelion Device Management Terms of Service.

Third-Party Subprocessors

The third-party subprocessors listed below provide infrastructure; customer and technical support, which may include phone and email support; response, diagnosis and resolution services; incident tracking; and responding to customer queries.

Entity Name Entity Location
Amazon Web Services EMEA SARLLuxembourg
SY4 Security LimitedUnited Kingdom

Arm Group

The Arm Group entites listed below engage personnel to provide service support and IT-facility management in connection with the Service. This support and management includes engineering activities related to managing the availability, latency, scalability and efficiency of the Service; product management; and customer support.

Entity NameEntity Location
Arm Cloud Services IncUnited States of America
Arm Cloud Services LimitedUnited Kingdom
Arm Cloud Technology Inc.United States of America
Pelion (Finland) OyFinland
IoT Pelion (Israel) Ltd.Israel
Pelion (Japan) KKJapan
Arm Technology (China) Co LtdPeople’s Republic of China
Arm Canada, IncCanada
Pelion (India) Pvt LtdIndia