Pelion IoT Connectivity can deliver massive return on investment for logistic tracking and public transport projects in less than 12 months.

Research by Forrester on behalf of Pelion explains how logistics and transportation companies can see significant return on their investment (ROI) from IoT connectivity through Logistics Tracking.

In the post-covid world, logistics companies are facing more challenges while competing with higher customer expectations.

Additionally, transportation vendors continue to search for cost reductions, while also improving efficiency and meeting the needs of their customer base. Learn more about the benefits, costs, and risks associated with investment into IoT use cases in Logistics and Transportation.

Read the report to find out:

  • How Pelion IoT Connectivity helps your projects succeed
  • How IoT Connectivity technology offers quantifiable benefits, including reduced labour and costs
  • How using Pelion IoT Connectivity can provide ROI 422% for organizations in the logistics and transport industry

Who are Pelion and what is Pelion IoT Connectivity?

Director of Connectivity Product Management, Rob Shah explains the benefits of Pelion IoT Connectivity

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