How to buy IoT

So, you’ve realised there is huge potential to be found in digital transformation for your business.

What’s next? Navigating the IoT supply chain can be complex, leaving many potential innovators at a loss about where to start. Unknown acronyms, confusing terminology, and endless lists of vendors can contribute to major stumbling blocks as you work on developing your PoC.

Depending on where your IoT journey begins, you may need to refer to the entirety of this supply chain primer or simply familiarize yourself with the latter half.

If you’re an OEM with hardware expertise, looking to simply integrate IoT into currently existing products, then your focus may fall entirely around finding the right solution provider for your end users. 

For innovators looking to create a brand-new device for an IoT project, you may need to carefully vet your technology vendors to ensure they’re able to meet your requirements.

Get started on your journey from idea to PoC with our primer and let the experts at Pelion guide you to success!