Are you ready for 3G sunsetting? Pelion makes it easy to future proof your IoT!

With Mobile Network Operators shutting down their 3G networks, you may need to rethink your deployment options. Pelion’s IoT SIM card offers free 4G connectivity for 60 days to help you stay ahead of the 3G sunset. Build, connect, test and get ready to complete the final step in bringing your IoT project to market.

  • 60 days of free data on one 50MB or three 20MB IoT SIM cards
  • Access to 4G LTE/CAT-M networks across North America
  • IoT SIM card with standard, micro and nano SIM form factors
  • Access to our world leading Pelion Connectivity Management platform
  • Expert advice and support to get you up and running fast

Manufacture locally, deploy IoT connectivity globally

After your trial, get in touch to discuss your IoT needs. Once you’re ready to expand outside North America, Pelion will grow with you no matter where you do business, offering you:

  • Global coverage across multiple networks​
  • The right standard for your deployment so you don’t compromise on performance​

Complete the form to access your free SIM:

Grow fast with confidence

Complete your proof-of-concept fast, with reliable and flexible US coverage and the advice of our expert team.

Every Pelion connection gets access to our world leading connectivity management platform which makes growing from 1 SIM to hundreds of thousands easy.

Just add data and get your project started with complete confidence that Pelion has everything else covered.

100% predictable connectivity costs

Using Pelion’s connectivity management platform you can keep close control of costs and easily manage your data allowances.

And to help keep things simple, you will receive a single consolidated bill regardless of how many networks are providing coverage.

Don’t get caught out by unexpected costs.

IoT SIMs enabled by Pelion

As an Arm company, Pelion is empowered by technology used by over 70% of the world’s population. With its unmatched expertise from chip to cloud, Pelion provides leading solutions across the IoT stack.

Choosing to enable your IoT project with an Pelion IoT SIM is choosing to work with a true industry leader, embedded in the ecosystem and with an extensive range of solutions designed to drive IoT performance.