Cellular connectivity for any IoT device

Simple cellular connectivity that you can count on to keep your devices performing.

Global coverage on the best networks

Local connectivity from the best operators and global roaming across 600+ networks.

Flexible plans bundled on one contract

Build a data plan which works for you, share data across your entire deployment and avoid overage charges.

Complete control of every single SIM

Our platform puts you in control, letting you manage SIMs, find and fix faults, monitor data usage and control costs.

Keep your data safe on its journey

Pelion’s private, managed APN gateway infrastructure and detailed analytics helps keep your precious data safe.

Any major cellular standard

Pelion provides 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, NB-IoT and CAT-M1 so you can match your requirements to the perfect technology.

24/7 support keeps you connected

Between automated in-platform alerts and our 24/7 technical support, we will get you back up and running fast.

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Wherever you go, we keep you connected

Whatever is important to you, from unbeatable local coverage to unlimited global expansion Pelion can help. Get access to the best rates, from tier 1 networks around the world, with the flexibility to switch and expand when you need it, not just when your contract runs out.

  • High and low data rate plans built for growth

  • Access to 600+ networks and 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, NB-IoT and CAT-M

  • Not happy with your coverage? Switch networks at any time during your contract

Get full control with the Pelion platform

Take full control of every single SIM in your deployment. Keep track of data usage, monitor connection status, activate and deactivate profiles, view your invoices and make your life easier. The Pelion platform is built for scale, ready to grow with you.

  • Whether you have 1 SIM or 100,000, every platform feature is available to everyone

  • Monitor usage, costs and behaviour to keep your deployment performing

  • Set automatic alerts and actions to make management easy

Freedom to pick the perfect SIM for you

Set yourself up for success with either a simple, single profile standard IoT SIM with a choice of local coverage or global roaming, or take advantage of a future-proofed IoT eSIM that can be loaded with an operator profile and then swapped over-the-air at any time during the SIM’s life.

  • Access to the full Pelion service and support with every single SIM

  • Any SIM formfactor available as a standard IoT SIM or an IoT eSIM

  • IoT eSIM with multiple tier 1 operator profiles available for over-the-air profile swapping

Find out why Sensize picked Pelion

International logistics requires global connectivity

Cambridge-based Sensize are on a mission to track every package in the manufacturing supply chain, and they turned to Pelion to make it possible. Watch Luke D’Arcy, Founder at Sensize explain why he works with Pelion.

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  • Up to 3 free SIMs
  • 60 days of free 4G data
  • Full access to the Pelion platform

Pelion powered success stories

Find our why customers pick Pelion

Nube gets ready to scale up its IoT monitoring solution with Pelion

Nube was founded based on a vision of IoT monitoring as a combination of technologies and services with the power to deliver broad ranging and truly transformative benefits.

Asset tracking pioneer Tangerine is innovating transportation with Pelion

Tangerine offers an AI-powered data analytics platform, which combines in-vehicle data collection devices with their mobile or web application, to provide asset tracking for fleet management.

SAVORTEX and Pelion team up to make buildings safer with smart sanitization

SAVORTEX is striving to bring data-driven hand hygiene to change user behaviour in traditionally environmentally unfriendly and unhygienic workplace facilities.

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