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Connectivity for any IoT device

Pelion delivers fully-managed and future-proofed IoT connectivity for any device, anywhere in the world.

“Anyone looking to incorporate a SIM solution into their connected device that provides them reliable connectivity which can be scaled up should look no further than Pelion.”


Managed IoT connectivity service

Leverage our comprehensive, fully-managed, and end-to-end service incorporating connectivity provisioning, network access, secure data delivery, and compliance – all delivered on a single contract.

Global connectivity on a single IoT or M2M SIM

Flexibly connect your IoT and M2M devices to the best local traditional or low-power wide-area cellular networks and achieve comprehensive global coverage for your solution.

Connectivity that adapts to the future

Incorporate agility and resilience into your systems with options to choose from multiple networks, flexible data plans, and evolving technologies such as eSIM.

Crafting your real-world connectivity 

Global coverage across multiple networks

Local connectivity from multiple Tier-1 network operators complements global roaming delivered by our ecosystem of 600+ network partners.

Flexible data plans all bundled on one contract

Spread your data allowance across your entire fleet of devices without having to worry about individual usage or overages.

Full-featured connectivity management portal

A single-pane-of-glass to manage your device connectivity: SIM activation, data usage, connection performance, and fault diagnostics.

Secure data delivery between device and cloud

Leverage Pelion’s private, managed APN gateway infrastructure to guarantee secure and dependable transport of your solution’s data.

Cellular connectivity for today and tomorrow

Freedom to match your device connectivity requirements with any of the standards – 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, or LPWAN – enabling you to balance performance and cost.

24/7 support for business-grade connectivity

Our Customer Success team is always on hand to help get your connectivity solution going, maintain uptime, and resolve issues fast.

Take control of your connected devices

The Pelion self-service dashboard gives you control of connection provisioning and visibility of your connectivity costs. Additionally, it provides insight into how your traffic is tracking against allowances and allows you to find and fix faults quickly.

Try Pelion for free

Get started with a Pelion IoT SIM and a free IoT data package.

Whether you are building a prototype or testing with a trial rollout, Pelion supports you with obligation-free IoT connectivity.

Our IoT connectivity is available in any SIM form factor

Pelion IoT SIM card

Removable SIM Form-Factors

Our standard IoT SIMs – both conventional UICC and the new eUICC – are available in all the usual sizes: Standard (2FF), Micro (3FF), and Nano (4FF). These offer a simple, cost-effective solution that’s ideal for use-cases where the device features an easily accessible SIM slot.

Embedded SIM Form-Factor

Our embedded SIM, also known as MFF2, is ideal for surface-mount implementations, provides space savings and increased physical security and resilience. Also available as either UICC or eUICC, this form-factor is the right choice when space is at a premium and ruggedness is essential.

Conventional or eSIM: what’s best for my use-case?

eSIM – and its ability to remotely provision new network access profiles to in-service IoT devices – will be the strategic choice for most use-cases. What’s driving this thinking? Well, it satisfies the need to change network access that might otherwise be offset by the cost or impact of enacting this change. The classic example is an offshore wind turbine, where “truck-rolling” an engineer to site for a swap-out of the physical SIM card is decidedly impractical. Now, with eSIM, it’s easy: a new profile is downloaded over-the-air and activated to swap network access.

Are you working on your IoT business case?  Try our ROI calculator

Are you working on your IoT business case? Try our ROI calculator

Developed in association with Forrester, the ROI calculator illustrates what you might expect to save when using Pelion for your IoT connectivity, based upon our customers’ real-world experience.

Let’s get connected

Ready to get your IoT devices connected? Contact our team today and let’s get started.


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Connected Device Platform

Take total control of your cellularly connected devices with the Pelion platform. Manage your connectivity cost, monitor your network performance, provision and update devices securely over-the-air
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IoT Device Management

Lifecycle management for any IoT device, over any network available on the cloud or on-premise. Ensure your devices are always up-to-date, secure and delivering peak performance.

Edge Applications Management

Flexible and unified management for devices, gateway systems and applications at the edge. Keep your deployments secure, improve reliability and make sure you are collecting data you can trust.