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Get your IoT devices connected

Simple, cost effective connectivity for any device, anywhere in the world.

“Anyone looking to incorporate a SIM solution into their connected device that provides them reliable connectivity which can be scaled up should look no further than Pelion.”


Global cellular connectivity including LPWA available on a single Pelion IoT SIM

A Pelion IoT SIM gives you the flexibility to connect to the best network for your deployment, with a choice of standards and comprehensive global coverage.rnrn rnrnConnect all your devices across regions, networks or standards with one SIM.

Cost effective, easy to manage IoT connectivity from day one

Get up and running with competitive pricing from the start and keep things simple as you scale up with flexible data plans and a single contract for all your connectivity.rnrn rnrnEasily manage all billing, data plans and devices in one place.

Cellular IoT Connectivity

Global coverage across multiple networks

Pelion provides local connectivity options from multiple tier 1 operator partners across the world and global roaming across 600+ networks on a single SIM.

Flexible data plans on one contract

Pelion makes it easy for you to make best use of your available data and avoid any overage charges with the flexibility to use your data efficiently all under the same global contract.

Self-service management platform

With our Pelion Connected Device platform you can take complete control of the connectivity for your IoT devices. Activate SIMs, manage data usage, monitor connection performance and quickly diagnose faults all in one place.

Secure networking from device to cloud

Every Pelion SIM provides the option to access our own private managed APN and is routed via our secure network infrastructure ensuring your data has a safe path all the way from device to end application.

2G, 3G, 4G LTE, CAT-M and NB-IoT

The freedom to match your device connectivity requirements to the right standard. A Pelion SIM provides access to a variety of network standards so you don’t have to compromise on performance.

24/7 support for total confidence

We know connectivity is critical to your business so the Pelion technical support team are always on hand to help you find, diagnose and resolve issues fast. Focus on what matters to you, we’ve got your connectivity covered.

Take control of your connected devices on the Pelion platform

The Pelion Connected Device platform let’s you take control of every single connection and all of your connectivity costs. The platform helps you maximize the performance of your deployments giving you access to powerful insights and allowing you to find and fix faults fast.

Try Pelion for free

Get started with a Pelion IoT SIM and a free IoT data package.

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to scale with the right partner you can test us out with no commitments. Try our Pelion IoT SIM with data included and access to our management platform completely free.

Our connectivity is available in any SIM form factor

Pelion IoT SIM card

Standard IoT SIM

Standard IoT SIM available in Standard (2FF), Micro (3FF) and Nano (4FF) sizing. A simple, cheap solution, perfect for most IoT projects.

IoT Embedded SIM

An embedded (MFF2) SIM providing space savings and increased physical security and resilience. The right choice when space is at a premium and ruggedness is required.

Multiple formfactor eUICC SIMs

Pelion can provide eUICC capabilties for any SIM form factor making it possible to provision new operator profiles over the air, helping you future proof your deployments.

Building your IoT business case? Try our ROI calculator

Building your IoT business case? Try our ROI calculator

Our free ROI calculator helps you understand the savings our customers achieved using Pelion for their IoT connectivity.

Let’s get connected

Ready to get your IoT devices connected? Contact our team today and let’s get started.

Explore Pelion

Connected Device Platform

Take total control of your cellularly connected devices with the Pelion platform. Manage your connectivity cost, monitor your network performance, provision and update devices securely over-the-air.

IoT Device Management

Lifecycle management for any IoT device, over any network available on the cloud or on-premise. Ensure your devices are always up-to-date, secure and delivering peak performance.

Edge Applications Management

Flexible and unified management for devices, gateway systems and applications at the edge. Keep your deployments secure, improve reliability and make sure you are collecting data you can trust.