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Bringing together the best of device and connectivity management

Providing a level of visibility and control that really makes a difference.

“The Pelion platform is easy to use, provides a great level of self-service and reporting options, as well as detailed SIM data analytics – all at the click of a button.”

Daniel Hollingsworth,
Business Services & Relationship Manager, Insure Telematics Solutions

Take control of your IoT success with full feature device and connectivity management

Management of your connected devices is the key to profitability and operational efficiency. The Pelion IoT platform monitors the network and device, giving you the analytics needed to control return on investment.

Reduce deployment costs

Initial set up is quick and easy with Pelion IoT platform. Take advantage of secure onboarding and standardized industry processes.

Control lifetime costs

Combine detailed usage and connectivity billing data to find opportunities to optimize and reduce costs over the lifetime of your IoT device. Avoid bill shock completely with Pelion.

Peace of mind

With the Pelion IoT platform you have 360° view of your device and network. Anomalies and vulnerabilities can be spotted and dealt with before your business is impacted.

Increase uptime

The speed and ease of identifying and troubleshooting malfunctioning devices with Pelion means that your business critical assets stay online longer.

Ensure efficiency at scale

The benefits of Pelion increase as your IoT project grows, becomes more complex or expands in to new geographies. Avoid the usual pitfalls of large IoT deployments.
See what connectivity management can do for you

See what connectivity management can do for you

Explore the most popular connectivity functionality in the platform, including analytics, usage monitoring, billing management and activation

Key Platform Features

Activation: quick and easy deployment of devices

Provision to the cellular network and Pelion Connected Device Platform so your device is properly configured and secure from the moment it goes live.

Monitoring: catch issues before they become problems

Pelion Connected Device Platform makes it easy to understand what your devices are doing and act quickly if you see something suspicious.

Billing: no surprises in the monthly invoice

Cellular IoT billing is usage based. With Pelion you have more control over device activity and can see billable events in real time.

Updates: minimize costly maintenance visits

IoT devices need software updates and maintenance to stay secure and efficient. Easily and intelligently manage software updates remotely, without manual intervention, with Pelion.

Security: enterprise-grade security for everyone

Access control, device authentication, certificate management, network security are all built in and provided as standard for every customer and any size of deployment.

APIs: easy to build upon and integrate with your systems

Use our comprehensive set of APIs to combine Pelion with bespoke data anaytics to create brand new IoT services, or integrate with internal systems.
IoT Connectivity

Complete management control and cost effective connectivity

Combine our feature rich management capabilities with Pelion’s IoT connectivity for access to hundreds of networks and multiple standards so you can select exactly the right solution for your requirements.


Keep things simple with a single provider to connect and manage your IoT.

Try before you buy

You can’t make a decision without seeing the platform. We will happily discuss your ambitions and provide a live, tailored demo of our Connected Device Platform. We know you’ll like what you see.

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