Trust your IoT connectivity provider

Customer support is a top priority for Pelion. Our customers know that support is only a phone call away when it really matters. Sound like the level of support you want?

Best coverage at the best price

Choose the best local coverage from our multiple operator partners or get complete freedom with global roaming across 600 networks, all on a simple data plan at the best possible price.

24/7 support for your whole journey

Our experts are here to guide you every step. From early design and development support into 24/7 technical support once your deployments go live. We are here to ensure your project is a success from start to finish.

Technology choice and ultimate flexibility

Get access to all the best connectivity tech early, and get ahead of the competition. We can provide coverage on any major cellular standard, including NB-IoT and 5G, and a full eSIM service with multiple operator profile options.

What did your checklist look like when you first chose a connectivity provider?


  • Coverage in the right places with competitive pricing
  • 24/7 technical support that’s easy to get hold of
  • Easy to use connectivity management platform
  • Easy to scale up and order more SIMs as you need them


Not too much to ask for.

With Pelion you can get this and more

  • Support team that’s available via email and phone. With dedicated named escalations and custom SLAs on request.
  • Status page with ability to subscribe to notifications so you’re the first to know if any outages occur
  • Multi-operator coverage so your connectivity performance isn’t tied to a single operator
  • Bulk actions to reduce time spent on admin if you have a lot of SIMs
  • A choice of IP and networking solutions for extra security and ultimate resilience

Get full control with the Pelion platform

Take full control of every single SIM in your deployment. Keep track of data usage, monitor connection status, activate and deactivate profiles, view your invoices and make your life easier. The Pelion platform is built for scale, ready to grow with you.

  • Whether you have 1 SIM or 100,000, every platform feature is available to everyone
  • Monitor usage, costs and behaviour to keep your deployment performing
  • Set automatic alerts and actions to make management easy

Together, we can do more

The team at Pelion have spent the last 20 years connecting IoT devices. We bring this experience to help our customers avoid the common pitfalls all IoT projects face. We combine our established track record with global cellular connectivity you can count on, to set our customers up for success.

Customer success stories

Lothian improve customer experience and safety with Pelion

Working with Pelion, Lothian acquired fast 4G backhaul to the internet that would allow connectivity for CCTV streaming, CCTV health check, passenger information systems and destination screen updates to backend servers.

Tangerine transforms asset tracking with Pelion

Tangerine offers an AI-powered data analytics platform, which combines in-vehicle smart data collection devices with mobile and web-based services to provide actionable insights for fleet management, vehicle health, shared mobility and insurance telematics applications.

Pelion and SMS optimize smart meter data collection

SMS Plc. partnered with Pelion to facilitate the daily collection of meter readings. With Pelion’s SIM functionality, platform capabilities and VPN infrastructure with high levels of redundancy they got a resilient and cost effective solution which was easy to manage.

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  • Up to 3 free SIMs
  •  60 days of free 4G data
  • Full access to the Pelion platform

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