Sigma Delta Technologies Inc.

Introducing the new paradigm of IoT by providing products and solutions for easy and reliable inter-connectivity.

IoT development platform must have the following qualities:

1. Easy development,

2. Fast prototyping, and

3. Open hardware and open-source software.

Sigma Delta Technologies Inc. makes an IoT development platform for all. We invent coin-sized ultra-compact boards and a wide range of highly-compatible sensor/communication modules. Because of the integrated nature of our hardware, anyone can quickly build and effectively test his or her idea within our platform. We provide open-source software for running these hardware devices and connecting to a cloud server, so our clients can not only test their hardware products, but also can prepare for their services.

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  • Module Maker
  • Silicon MCU
Pelion Ready

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Low-power, high-performance, Ethernet board enabling direct firmware update