RPMAnetworks Holding

RPMAnetworks is a premier IoT solutions provider and leader in planning, designing, implementing and operating IoT solutions, enabling the internet of things and machine-to-machine communication.

RPMAnetworks provides a multi-layer technology that enables straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices. Our offering consists of a backend platform called RPMAconnect and an innovative new Software defined Radio technology designed for IoT called RPMA LINC Radio

The true value of IoT is unlocked when integrated with existing city systems and data streams. With the various kinds of hardware and different connectivity options, there is a big need for a simple a way of making everything, new and old work together. The IoT ecosystem requires robust communication between machines. The RPMAconnect platform solves that problem by:

– Connect hardware such as sensors and devices

(new and existing)

– Handle any device ecosystem across different

hardware and software communication protocols

– Provide security and authentication for devices and users

– Collect, visualize, and analyze data from any managed sensors and devices

– Integrate all of the above with existing city systems and other web services

RPMA LINC Radio solves the connectivity problem for Sensors and Devices in Smart Home and Smart city deployments

– Unique Software Defined Radio protocol (SDR) – Designed for IoT

– Software controlled Data Transmission Speeds – can be regulated from both the device and the hub for speeds 0.3-100 Kbps

– Highly optimized for long battery lifetime – exceeds all current IoT & Smart Home Radio protocols – only need 1/45 uA Standby Power

– Highest level of data security in IoT today – 256-bit ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption algorithm.

– Data transmission across multiple protected channels allows to replace wired solution with RPMA LINC radio even for Fire and Safety products.

– LINC Radio is using off-shelve RF Radio components resulting in very low hardware cost in Sensors and Hubs.

– Better radio penetration than any other existing short to medium radio commercially protocol available today, including Sigbee, Zwave, Wi-Fi, LoraWan, NB-IoT and Bluetooth

– Open API’s for 3rd party Encryption Modules / Operator Radio

– Ideal for Smart home and Smart City automation.

– Allow any existing wireless device to be integrated into the RPMA ecosystem in a very short time span.

Combined RPMA LINC and RPMAconnect plays a pivotal role for smart device vendors and startups, who use it to equip their products with remote control and real-time monitoring functions, configurable alerts and notifications, pluggable with any operator cloud services.

The purpose-technology offering of RPMAnetworks is built open and flexible, meaning that we can easily and quickly customize to your specific applications and business needs.

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