Pfp Cybersecurity (Aka Power Fingerprinting, Inc.)

Pfp Cybersecurity Provides Integrity-Assessment-As-A-Service For Chips, Boards And Devices Through Dynamic Power Behavior Analysis.

Pfp Cybersecurity Provides Integrity Assessment Solutions To Detect Anomalous Power Behavior Caused By Firmware Tampering, Hardware Trojans, Or Counterfeit Parts That Compromise The Security, Quality, And Safety Of Electronic Devices. Pfp’s Proprietary Technology Is Based On Observing Tiny Patterns On Dynamic Power Behavior And Uses Machine Learning To Determine Whether A Device Has Deviated From Expected Operation.

Pfp Is Able To Detect Intrusions At The Slightest Disruption In Execution, Even If The Malicious Implant Remains Dormant Or Mimics Legitimate Network Traffic. Detection With Pfp Technology Is In Machine Time And Given The Users Have The Option To Predefine A Remediation Policy, It Has The Potential To Stop An Attack Before Any Damage Or Data Loss Can Occur.

Pfp Is Effective Across The Full Execution Stack, From Hardware To Firmware To Software, And Is Independent Of Platform And Application. Pfp Technology Can Be Applied To Detect Intrusions And Insider Tampering At Any Point In The Product’s Lifecycle, From The Supply Chain, During Manufacturing, Through Distribution, And After Deployment.

An Analytics Partner For Arm

Pfp And Arm Are Working To Integrate Pelion And Mbed With The Pfp Cloud Solution, Adding Security And Enabling Subscription Revenue For Arm’s Customers. The Pfp Solution Can Use Arm-Based Socs With A/D Converters As Sensors And Protects Host Devices Such As Server Motherboards, Iot Devices, And More. Pfp Uses The Same Sensor Block Which Reads Battery And Temperature, For Integrity Assessment Of The Host Devices From The Cloud As Subscription.

Pfp Offers

– Iaaas With The Pfp Cloud Analytics P3scan On Aws

– Pfp Pmonitor Model 751 And Reference Codes For Arm Based Sdk

– Technical Supports For Integrity Assessment

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