iTrackz Ltd

iTrackz delivers intrinsically safe, Industrial IoT focused asset tracking devices. Our modular design enables us to deliver a tailored product for any tracking and condition monitoring project. Bespoke. Secure. Compliant.

iTrackz’ industrial IOT focused, telematics-based devices and services support communications options from  ASK to Zigbee (and BLE, 433 MHz amongst others).  With sensor options covering any application, including temperature, pressure, RH, yaw angle, accelerometer and any other source you can think of. Remote, distant, regular and real-time data logging integrates flexibly with your preferred FMS and ERP systems for instant monitoring, with all the power of Cloud computing. We take ease of use right down to simple, self-configuring installation, remote ‘over the air’ diagnostics and firmware over-the-air updates. It’s not just that we have reduced maintenance time, it’s like we have eliminated it.

Our focus is to minimise running costs, reduce risks and most importantly to give our clients and partners flexible control and visibility depending on the application and use-case with a dynamic solution that can be seamlessly scaled to match business growth.

Our intelligently designed and solidly engineered products give you everything you need: a reliable, long lasting, safe, robust and functional way to manage your valuable assets and protect your deliveries in a timely manner.

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