Cybertrust is the first commercial e-certificate authority operated for over 20 years in Japan. We offer safety and security by providing embedded & electronic authentication services in IoT devices.

Cybertrust is the largest certification organization in Japan and has been the first commercial e-certificate authority in Japan to provide electronic certification services including SSL / TLS certificates for over 20 years. Terminal compatible with multi OS and multi form factor Electronic authentication service Device ID is the No. 1 achievement in Japan. We will aim to realize a society where users can receive services safely and securely by providing electronic authentication services even in IoT devices whose usage forms and uses expand.

Secure IoT Platform® (SIOTP):

Secure IoT platform complies with the electronic signature law and the WebTrust governed public key infrastructure (PKI) regulation. With the domestically (Japan) located data center it provides authentication service by multilateral verification utilizing factors such as when, where, what, and whom.

This platform by Cybertrust provides encryption for “confidentiality”, “security” by tamper prevention by electronic signature, and “integrity” thru a comprehensive platform. The platform provides reliability by managing issuance of electronic certificate(s) per device(s}, management of authentication information, revocation of electronic certificate(s) and disposal of device(s) in accordance to the given life cycle(s). The platform can support our customers to build IoT services with the required information security level(s) given a very short lead time.

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