Multiple IoT eSIMs

Pelion IoT SIM

A Pelion IoT SIM gives you access to seamless global coverage across multiple cellular standards all on a single SIM and with a single contract. Easy to deploy, cost-effective and secure connectivity for any IoT device.

Global coverage

With a Pelion SIM you get access to truly global connectivity coverage. Choose from local connectivity with local profiles or global roaming across 500+ networks. And with the option to use a Pelion eSIM you can swap profiles over-the-air allowing you to get the best coverage and cost without ever having to physically access the device.

One contract

Get connectivity for all your deployments, wherever they are in the world and consolidate to a single contract. Multiple networks, multiple locations, multiple data plans and multiple standards all in one easy to manage and cost effective contract.

Complete control

Every Pelion SIM, whether you order 1 or 1000, gives you access to the Pelion Connectivity platform. Manage all of your SIMs in one place and get total visibility of costs. Complete self-service capabilities puts you in total control. Optimise your deployment, make properly informed decisions and find and fix faults fast, all on the Pelion platform.

Sensize uses Pelion SIMs to improve supply chain visibility

Sensize are on a mission to track every package in the manufacturing supply chain. They provide their customers with much greater visibility so they can optimize processes and make better decisions. Using Pelion SIMs Sensize can connect thousands of shipments, wherever they are in the world, all managed in one place and consolidated under a single, cost effective contract.




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IoT SIM cards

IoT SIM Cards Explained

IoT Sim Cards
Pelion IoT Sim Cards
What are Pelion IoT Sim Cards
IoT Sim Cards

What is an IoT SIM Card?

An IoT (or M2M) SIM card is a variation of traditional SIM cards, like you would find in a smartphones. However, the IoT SIM has additional features designed specifically for IoT applications and they are more robust than their consumer counterparts.
Pelion IoT Sim Cards

How do IoT SIM Cards work?

In the simplest terms, an IoT SIM card holds a unique set of credentials (referred to as a profile) which allows your devices to securely connect to cellular networks. Profiles are associated with specific network operators and allow you to connect to their cellular networks.
What are Pelion IoT Sim Cards

Are IoT SIM Cards different?

IoT SIM cards come in different physical sizes and with different capabilities. The SIM form factor describes the physical configuration of the SIM card and vary in size and installation from removable to soldered. SIMs can also come enabled with different technologies which allow remote profile switching (called eUICC).

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