Low-power, high-performance, Ethernet board enabling direct firmware update


SDT64B has been designed by Sigma Delta Technologies for easy prototyping of IoT devices. The coin-sized board is equipped with ethernet and high-performance MCU enabling direct firmware update. Direct firmware update makes it ideal for smart connected devices. MK64FN1M0VDC12 MCU features ARM® Cortex® -M4F core, with 256KB RAM and 1MB flash memory. The board provides peripherals of three UART interfaces, three SPI interfaces, two I²C interfaces, seven GPIO pins, two 12-Bit ADCs and one 12-Bit DAC.

Pelion Ready

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The i.MX RT1060 EVK is a 4-layer through-hole USB-powered PCB. At its heart lies the i.MX RT1060 crossover MCU, featuring NXP’s implementation of the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core.

OM13098: LPCXpresso54628 DK

The OM13098: LPCXpresso54628 Development Board is comprised of target LPC54628 device, with a complete set of peripheral interfaces to enable developers to fully explore the capabilities of LPC546xx devices.