The FRDM-K66F is a low cost development platform for Kinetis® K66, K65, and K26 MCUs.


The FRDM-K66F has been designed by NXP in collaboration with mbed for prototyping all sorts of devices, especially those requiring the size and price point offered by Cortex-M4.The board is well sized for low-power applications, thanks to its power efficient Kinetis K66 MCU featuring an ARM® Cortex®-M4 core running up to 180MHz and embedding 2MB Flash, 256KB RAM.

Features on FRDM-K66F include but not limited to audio codec, digital MEMS microphone, dual-role high-speed USB, microSD card slot, Ethernet port and headers for use with Bluetooth® and 2.4 GHz radio add-on modules.The Kinetis K66 MCU family remains fully software, hardware and development tool compatibility with other Kinetis MCU and Freedom board families. It is packaged as a development board including extension headers compatible with Arduino R3 shields and includes a built-in USB Debug and Flash Programmer.

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Check out the Tech Specs to find details of the board and example firmware source code, or follow our Quick Start guide to get your board connected to Pelion Device Management.

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