What is M2M SIM?

The terms M2M SIM and IoT SIM have been used interchangeably, however the term M2M SIM is not used as often as it was in the past. M2M stands for machine-to-machine and refers to communication between two or more machines. The M2M SIM was mechanism required to connect machines to cellular networks and transfer information between machines. M2M SIM was originally used to differentiate it from the type of SIM card required for connecting consumer cell and mobile phones. The history of connecting devices pre-dates the coining of the phrase “IoT” and M2M SIM can still be used to describe the core requirement of connecting a machine to a network while IoT is a broader term that also includes the solutions and applications build around the connected devices. 

Why M2M SIM?

As IoT applications and use cases have evolved, IoT device communication requirements have matured. Find out more about the IoT SIM and why it would be used versus a consumer SIM.    Can also be known as:  IoT SIM, UICC, eUICC, IoT SIM card, M2M SIM card, Universal integrated circuit card, embedded universal circuit card.