What is IoT Technology?

IoT technology encompasses all the systems and devices—including everyday objects made smart by connecting to the internet—that collect, share, and respond to digital information. It includes simple sensors, smartphones, wearable devices, smart building technologies, medical devices, security tools, and automated systems and platforms running IoT software. IoT technology gathers and analyzes data about products, customers, and equipment using sensors that detect temperature, proximity and motion, pressure, chemicals and gases, infrared radiation and heat, acceleration and velocity, and more. IoT technologies also include security tools to prevent Internet-based attacks on connected devices, platforms that run IoT software, and the subsystems that drive IoT performance.

Why IoT Technology?

With advanced, robust IoT technology, companies can add connectivity and compute power to their products, transforming them into intelligent devices that can open up new streams of revenue. It can also help companies automate the way they deliver services. IoT technology gives companies the opportunity to be more efficient, improving business processes such as supply chain management and logistics. IoT solutions for smart buildings, for example, can help companies consume less energy and save money.