What is IoT SIM?

IoT SIM refers to a type of SIM card that is used in IoT (Internet of Things) and smart devices. It is a type of smart card used to store unique identifying information required for device authentication and identification. The IoT SIM is also the mechanism for securely connecting the device to the cellular network to transfer data to and from the IoT device. IoT SIMs come in a variety of form factors to take account of the variety of sizes and designs of IoT devices that will need a SIM, compared to a cell or mobile phone. These IoT SIM form factors range from 2FF “Mini SIM” to MFF2 “Embedded SIM”.  Traditionally, an IoT SIM is linked to a particular MNO or carrier, although roaming access to additional networks is common. eUICC technology is a newer solution to providing IoT connectivity that uses remote SIM provisioning mechanisms to allow access to different networks without the need to physically replace the IoT SIM card. 

Why IoT SIM?

IoT SIM cards provide enterprise level security and management that a consumer SIM card cannot. IoT SIM cards are linked to an IoT connectivity management platform that monitors detailed connective, usage and billing information and often automates key actions. Remote management is required for IoT devices that may not be accessible or do not have the user interface that all mobile and cell phones have. As the IoT device is part of a wider solution, IoT SIMs also allow integration with external systems through the use APIs. IoT SIMs can also make use of private IP addresses, APNs and VPNs to ensure sensitive data does not pass through the public internet. The billing model of IoT SIM cards are also different than consumer SIM cards. Different data plans are available to balance data usage across a whole IoT deployment, in addition to the tradition per device data plan. The form factors available for an IoT SIM also have the benefit of enabling low power use cases that a consumer SIM could not.  Can also be known as:  M2M SIM, UICC, eUICC, IoT SIM card, M2M SIM card, Universal integrated circuit card, embedded universal circuit card.