What Are IoT Devices?

An IoT device is a piece of hardware with a sensor that transmits data from one place to another over the Internet. Types of IoT devices include wireless sensors, software, actuators, and computer devices. They can be imbedded into mobile devices, industrial equipment, environmental sensors, medical devices, and more. Connected IoT devices, which convey usage and other data, can potentially provide insights that lead companies to cost reductions, efficiency gains, and new business opportunities. IoT security is becoming an increasingly important aspect of IoT device development; unsecured IoT devices are an attractive backdoor into an otherwise secured enterprise network. To efficiently and securely deploy, connect, and maintain the range of IoT devices and sometimes overwhelming amounts of data, companies need an IoT device management platform.

Why IoT Devices?

IoT devices are what makes IoT useful for business, whether they’re transmitting environmental data from a manufacturing facility, information about a patient’s medical device, insight into transportation logistics, or data from always-on smart home devices. With the help of an IoT device management platform companies can simply and securely provision, deploy, and update devices across the enterprise network. A platform also aids tracking and managing the ever-growing number of connected devices.