What Is IoT Cloud?

IoT cloud refers to any number of cloud services that power the IoT. These include the underlying infrastructure needed for processing and storing IoT data, whether in real time or not. IoT cloud also includes the services and standards necessary for connecting, managing, and securing different IoT devices and applications. As with other types of cloud services, such as software-as-a-service, organizations consume IoT cloud services as they need them, rather than building a datacenter or other on-premises infrastructure to deliver those services locally.

Why IoT Cloud?

IoT cloud offers a more efficient, flexible, and scalable model for delivering the infrastructure and services needed to power IoT devices and applications. The IoT is virtually limitless in scale, unlike most organizations’ resources. The cloud computing model effectively offers that kind of on-demand hyperscale, and it can do so in a cost-effective manner. IoT cloud enables organizations to leverage the significant potential of IoT without having to build the underlying infrastructure and services from scratch. IoT cloud also helps promote and ensure standardization in key areas, including how devices communicate with each other, device management, and security.