Get started with Pelion IoT Connectivity

Follow the four simple steps below to get up and running with Pelion’s IoT Connectivity service.

Step 1: Get your SIM

If you don’t already have your Pelion IoT SIM and want to try our connectivity service for free, you can sign up to our connectivity trial by following the link below.

Step 2: Log in to the platform

If you have not logged in previously, you will need to register your account. When signing up you or the registered account holder will have received a welcome email containing your login credentials. If you are not the account holder and do not have a login, please reach out to the account holder who can register your user access.


Once you have your login details go to the relevant portal below and login with your username & password.

Step 3: Activate your SIM

For security, your SIM has been shipped to you in a pre-activated state. In order to use it on the Pelion network you will need to activate the SIM and initiate the subscription.


To do this, navigate to the “Activate” option on the left-hand menu and follow the instructions below:

Activating your SIM

1. Enter your SIM ID

Enter the ICCID printed on the back of your SIM card.

2. Select a rate plan

You will then be asked to select a Rate plan. If you have more than one option and you are unsure, click the (?) beside the tariff name to see more detail.

3. Activate your SIM

Now just click next and your activation is complete!

Step 4: Configure your device

Now that you have activated your SIM, punch out the SIM to the size that your device requires, place the it in your device SIM tray and power on the device.


Once your SIM is installed, you will need to configure your device APN settings to connect to the Pelion data network. How to do this depends on the device you are using and you may need to refer to the manufacturer guidelines, but finding the APN settings is easy.

Finding your APN settings

1. Navigate to the subscribers page

To find your APN settings in the Pelion platform, navigate to the subscriber page of your SIM. (Left hand Nav: Subscribers > Active > Physical ID).

2. Go to the ‘Networks’ tab

From here click on the ‘Network’ tab, where you will find the APN name, username and password. You will require these when setting up your device.

3. Set your security

Don’t forget to set your security to PAP or CHAP at this stage. Do not select ‘no security’.

You are ready to connect!

Congratulations! Now it’s time to start exploring the Pelion platform.

Start managing your subscription

Now that your SIM is connected to the network you can use the Connectivity Management platform to manage the subscriber lifecycle, monitor data usage and view billing information.


For more detail on how you can do this, visit the Pelion help docs or get in touch with our team.

Need to talk to someone?

If you need some more help getting set-up or you want to discuss how you can get started, talk to a member of our team for help.