If your device is not compatible with 4G and you are not already thinking about a device upgrade, now is the time. Whilst in some cases there may be a solution, it will only be short term and your device will eventually be left without any networks to connect to.

If you have confirmed your current network is affected by the shutdown, you can check if any other 2G/3G networks are still available in your deployment area. If they are then you will have the option of switching to that network provider however, first you need to confirm whether your current plan and profile facilitates connection to that network. 

You can also check our current 2G/3G coverage here. Depending on your set-up, connecting to another 2G/3G network might even require a physical SIM swap if roaming is not available.

Although switching networks may provide a short term solution it’s not a long term fix, and in many cases it will not be an option at all. In this scenario you likely need to be thinking about a hardware upgrade. If power conservation is a priority for your device and you only use small volumes of data NB-IoT or LTE-M are worth considering.

Alternatively, 4G and now 5G provide a lot of performance and flexibility if power consumption is less of a priority. There is a lot of information available via our resources section or just get in touch with our team and set up a technical consultation so we can help you find the best fit.